It is Meant to Be

What do you feel when you hear: “It’s meant to be” ?

Do you believe that things happen, because they are meant to be?
How do you translate “it’s meant to be”?

When I was 14 or 15, I was visiting friends of my mother, and normally would just sit and interact with my siblings, listen to conversations, or dream off to whatever place I allowed myself to go. We didn’t have cell phones or tablets, that we could use and be distracted by, so we were just doing what was available. This time, a conversation caught my attention. I do not remember the topic of discussion that went on between a group of adults, I just remember, being drawn into the conversation, and hearing myself add to it. This was not normal, as I always was quite shy and withdrawn, if not among friends or family. I remember myself saying out loud “It is destiny. Everything happens because it is meant to be”. The response I got back from all was laughter and remarks like.. “Ok, well then I will stop working today… as it is meant to be”. Instead of feeling attacked or hurt, I felt driven, and my response was: “Is that a choice you would truly make, is that who you are? No, so that will not truly happen, as it’s not meant to be”.

I can recall the passion that I carried for this very subject. Being a person who was very shy and hardly ever spoke her mind, the fire that these words carried forward, could never be forgotten.

What is meant to be, will happen, whether you see it as a choice, an ability or inability, it is meant to be. What you think you know today, you may see differently tomorrow. What you accepted in your life as truth today can shift tomorrow. That still makes it “Meant to Be” as it happens according to how you are wired and this tells, on a different level that most can’t touch just yet, how things will enfold. What you allow yourself to see, believe, grow into and become is all meant to be. What pace that happens in, will reveal itself to our mind, in our experiences, in our perception.

What we will do in the moments of our existence will decipher the outcome of minor actions and interactions, which we may see as important actions and interactions, because it concerns ourselves. They are not important as they are moldable, exchangeable and can be missed. If we don’t do what needs to be done, others will take our place and do it for us. We are never alone on this journey. Can you see some one’s future? Yes, depending on your source, the time line, and the topic of interest.

How can you see something that can alter, depending on choice? As, even though we think our mind is a complex source, it is not for our outer worldly guidance. The way we are wired, the way we use our brain, is not complex, if you are not being limited by the power of thought that is controlled by ego.

Touching this topic makes me realize again how hard it is to word the concept that goes beyond most perception. Writing all this, I hear questions about the different topics touched, and as I do, I write down what would answer those questions, yet the answers never come in one simple way, as there is not only one way to solve or understand it. It is far more complex.

What is perceived is believed, yet what we can perceive is not All that is.

Once we allow the moment to enfold, we will allow our abilities to shine and rise beyond self-created walls that keeps us from our true potential.

Let stress, worries and outer turmoil go. Let the negative energy, that it holds, go. It will not serve you, nor help you achieve what is meant to be. It is a distraction, an excuse to not just Be. When you allow yourself to Be you can take upon you what is the right thing to do, within the power of your true essence, and will be able to create bridges and move mountains without any doubt. You can Be in the here and now, experience every second as a bliss, a joy, an opportunity to Become, just by acting in the here and now, to the best of your abilities.

What is, never could be, if you did not allow it to be in the first place.

Taking upon you what you know is best is not truly allowing what you can do best. You can do much more than you can comprehend. So just Be in the moment, just act in the moment, within your full and true capacity. Do what you can do best, adjust, breathe, be in full connection with your heart.

Realize that you can alter your perception, if you allow yourself the inner freedom to soar beyond the self-limiting fear, allowing your senses to be open, connected with your heart’s truth and with all that is.

Start with allowing silence among and within you.
Within silence, we connect to our heart’s truth. The truth that is you, the truth that is your essence, the truth that exists within silence.
Let your silence be heard, let your silence be spoken, let your truth prevail.

Within Love,


Dream Time

Dream time is a powerful time to restore, regain energy, heal, receive insights and to release.

These days vivid dreams are eminent within those that have embraced their personal transformation.

Past life’s battles, and lessons present themselves, so you can release the burdens you have kept in your essence, because of old believes, contracts and

What do you believe today? What is your truth today?
Make that your motivation to neutralize outgrown truths, that you have kept “alive” within your essence, often without even knowing…just because you can, and know now.

Don’t you remember everything you dreamed about? That’s ok, because the lingering heavy feeling that you sense when waking up, is enough to know that you can have the heart’s intent, right now, to release old habits, old contracts and old ways that doesn’t benefit you in any way or form, out of your essence.

I am going to make a Release & Reclaiming Process mp3, which will be available in my online store , before the end of today. To help guide you through this process, so your next level of consciousness can be embraced smoothly.

In these times of change it is important to know yourself, accept your full self, and honor yourself, so no one can take and keep pieces of your essence and soul. Why would they take this, you may wonder. There are many walks of life among us, that prey on others strength and powers, whether that is physically, mentally or spiritually done, it is done with our permission, or because of our ignorance. Some even do this, without realizing they are doing this. Often this was done in past lives, that we are ready to balance out now.
What can you do? Become AWARE of YOURSELF.

Know yourself, love, honor and respect yourself, so those that do or did, will be seen/sensed, taught, avoided, released and prevented from doing this again.
With the Release & Reclaiming Process mp3, you will be able to start restoring your inner balance, claim yourself back and release claimed pieces that are not your own, so you will continue your life within all the purity and beauty that you are meant to be.

Have a wonderful day!

Within Love,

Checking in

So how is everyone feeling? What have you experienced these past weeks, and what are you experiencing now?

These are times of extremes, times of change, and restructuring.
I have been re-organizing, and getting things back on track again. I went through old writings/journals as many messages that were given to me years ago, are relevant for many today. I still have to retrieve some, that I remember I wrote in the past…

On a side note; I also figured out that the article that I read in my interview with Carl Johan Calleman, about Mind Transformation, was actually written in May of 2011, instead of 09/2013. That makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t listen to this interview yet, it is available in my radio archive on

The reason why I am feeling drawn to get things organized, is because there is much to share, teach and learn in these fast moving times. No time to waste.

If you have questions, about your own personal path of transformation, join us Sunday 2/26 at 1pm CST, in the Truth Warriors Unite Gathering. A free gathering of like-minded ones, on Skype, to discuss change, roadblocks and future steps on our journey called life. For more info see events on

For now, share your experience, if you feel it may be of help to others.

Happy Trails!

Much Love,


Last night’s message from Spirit:

Indecisive behavior stems from irrevocable inhibitions that one’s cravings can’t see/comprehend. Seduction is merely foreplay without end results, if you allow your focus to wander after feeling the drive to create/procreate, and manifest. True manifestation derives from acts that carry clarity, focus and resolving skills, which one allows when one is trusting one’s abilities.  Trust is key to procreate, recreate, or simply create and manifest what lies within reach. Learn to see the opportunities, and bring forth new ways that your mind can absorb.

This invited me to write about Stagnation:

Why do people postpone things, what they can do right now?

Why do people walk away from an opportunity, without trying, because it seems to hard to achieve?

Why do people crave, yet never allow themselves to receive?

Why do people stagnate?

Fear is a factor in this, fear of the unknown, fear of change, and so on. Trust is another important factor, that we need to look at. Trust and Love, are the key building blocks required to make our foundation balanced and stable. If these are out of sink, you will be out of sink.

Spirit has referred to the new, often as The New Dawn. In my blogs, I will share more raw messages from Spirit, feel the words and you will understand.

In these times of transformation, we are restructuring our building blocks of the past and present, so our future will be balanced and ready to receive the frequency of the new dawn.

Restructuring, in the form of frequency change/energetic change and release of the old, is taking place in our essence. The more we allow it to flow through and within us, and the more we allow release of the old, the more change and growth we will experience within us.

Release of the old, can mean so many different things. Conditionings, relationships, contracts, believes and ways of our current and past lives are all a part of this. Parts that you may not remember or are aware of, yet are ready to release with the heart’s guided power of intent.

When you feel the impulse of change; embrace it, and investigate it. Remember life is an adventure, for you to explore, experience and enjoy. Do, what feels right in your heart’s moment, and so it shall be.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



Different Angles of Perception

We receive information that we analyze, and translate lead by our conditionings, knowledge and believes. We allow different insights, views and impressions to cloud our perception, as we believe it will give us clarity and help us move forward. This often happens, but also often is working against us, as the inner turmoil that often is created within, when one is searching for answers, will halt the process required and longed for.

Work from the heart, means work in the way that fits your rhythm, your abilities and your goals.

Know what needs to be taken in, and feel what it means to you. Understand the meaning, of what encountered, for you. Learn to read between the lines, or better said; learn to feel between the lines.

Spirit has been giving me insights, lessons, and guidance since 1999. Going through their lessons today, makes me smile, as I couldn’t understand what they were talking about then, but know now as I have grown.

I shared this information in my two books: “Xsist – for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self” and more into depth in “Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth”.

When you re-read my books, after going through your personal development stages, you will be able to understand different layers, and it will give you a deeper meaning, than you could comprehend before. What you thought to understand then, you will see in a different light now, as the given lesson will be understood and implemented without any doubts.

When you feel overwhelmed by the received information, you know you have gone way passed your boundaries. Allow time, focus on what is truly important. So, the basics can be mastered, so the next level can make its entrance.

When you are trying to understand, you are not working from the heart. When you work from the heart, there is no need to try anymore; as what is, will be, and what you can do, you will do. What you can’t you integrate, if needed, or let go, if not important for you. Your heart knows. Let it guide you.

Information that is received by spirit, can be translated by the mind, to get a superficial understanding of the message. The more you are allowing your heart to read and understand, the stronger and clearer the message will be, as it will relate to your truth, and not your mind.

Messages that relates to your truth, are far more impactful, valuable and constructive, as no time is wasted on contemplation or discussions. The message comes home, and helps transform your ability to act and interact in a new manner, based on the embraced essence it carries.


You can search within, with mind persuasion, or look outside with thoughts that will lead you astray.

Yet you won’t find the underlying depth of truth, as you are wandering in the dark.

Emotions is a human trait that has kept us in the loop of distress and happiness, yet can be dissolved in today’s knowing. When perspectives alter, new ways of understanding rise.

The unknown becomes clear and filters those that induce malfunctions in a world that is no longer illusion prone, as its mind eye is no longer relevant in today’s mission.   

Within Love,


Global Transformation

These are times of completion and transformation.  Have you felt the urge to clean up and re-organize what is important to you? Have you looked at situations, people and activities that were normally a natural part of your daily life, as odd, strange and out of place? Have you felt different, more tired, or spaced out these days?

Actions and interactions that used to be OK, are not acceptable anymore. New priorities are made and old interests have become obsolete.

These are all signs of transferring to a different vibration, a different frequency and perception, which is very common these days. Main thing is to keep following the impulses that come in, and keep following your heart in making the right decisions in the moments of your existence on this planet.

Eat healthy, rest enough and stay aware of your truth as you ride the waves of life. We are close to a major breakthrough of global awareness.  This will be experienced differently by people, all depending on your personal awareness, yet everyone will undergo a jilt; an inner shock that will invite one to search deeper for completion and inner peace.

Don’t panic, just stay calm and listen to the initial impulses that will come your way. Learn to understand your truth and your new rhythm.

Through love and trust in ourselves, we will find the resolutions of life.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,


So, Why don’t you?

When you feel impulses to alter your ways

When you feel impulses to let go

When you feel impulses to move on

Why don’t you?

When you feel confusion, incomplete or misunderstood

When you feel sad, disappointed or mistreated

What do you do?

Do you feel sorry for yourself, complain to others about your situation, and continue onwards with your life, just like before? Or do you feel invited to alter your ways so what is, no longer will be, and what is required will be created by your alternative actions.

Nothing changes, if we don’t embrace change.

So, why don’t you?

Ask yourself that question, and be truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful to yourself.

As you will be truthful to yourself, you will become truthful to others.

When we rely or hold on to outgrown traits, habits and relationships, we will be experiencing emotional turmoil, as our expectations will not be met.

When we choose the seemingly easy road of non resistance, we may want to ask ourselves Why?

The road ahead is as easy as you allow it to be.

So, Why don’t you allow yourself to recognize your road of truth?

What do you consider to be easy, and why? Within your answers you will find your solution.

So why don’t you?


Within Love,




Warriors of Truth Unite

Warriors of Truth Unite

February is here; a new month, that will bring new weeks, days, hours and seconds for you to explore and embrace.

Turmoil may be around us, challenging us to stay centered and focused on the things we value and care about.

Your mind may be overwhelmed and filled with questions, activities or situations that require your input. Take a moment of silence when it becomes overbearing. Breathe, and allow calmness to override anxiety. Find silence, just because you can.

Within the allowed silence, you will recognize your heart’s longing to create balance within. You will hear whispers of your heart’s voice; sharing glimpses of your true mission. You will embrace your individuality within the unity of all; honoring, respecting and loving yourself and All that is. Just because you can.  

Remember what and whom are truly important to you, and shift your focus towards the core of your truth, dear warrior.

Become emotional independent, there is no better time, than today. As the world’s turmoil grows, so grows the necessity for you to remain within your truth. Peace can exist, wherever and whenever you allow it to exist.

Warriors of Truth Unite, and share and radiate your understanding, your love and persistence with those in need.

Start building your community, by living your truth. You will attract the ones that belong to your soul.

Let truth prevail.


Much Love,