Withdrawal as Transformation Hits our Path

doveI have seen several people going through some serious withdrawals as transformation hits their essence. I have experienced it many times before. This resulted in me getting my groceries late in the evening, so I would not have to deal with too many people. Others made me feel off, uncomfortable and irritated me. I felt different and out of place.

What is clear to me now, is that I needed to adapt to my new rhythm, and that took all the energy my mind wanted to process. As I allowed the irritation to exist, I allowed it to build stronger. It became so bad that when around others, I became dizzy, left my body, and was on a virtual run. When going through change now, I have learned to embrace it differently. Seeing withdrawal happening around me, I felt compelled to share the following.

As we grow and elevate our frequency, do not alienate, just accumulate the newly found glory and allow time for your mind to adapt.

Know that you will feel out of place, and other frequencies will be noticed more clearly.  The higher you vibrate, the closer you are to All that is, but know that the path to higher grounds asks you to remain pure, without inner battles, and with no judgement, so your inner balance can reach the required level to newly exist in the here and now.

As we grow, and we feel the need to withdraw, allow silence and time to drive away lower emotions that are fighting to regain stronger grounds. From love we came, within love we learn, and grow in the best way possible. Let love be your focus in these times of change, so you can remain on your path to the next level of existence guided by your heart, instead of disturbed by ego.

Remember, it is never about what others do or say, it all about what you do with it.

When ready, it doesn’t matter what or who is around you, no matter how low or how high their frequency is; you will remain within your own energy, within your emotional independence, as you soar gently within the winds of change.

As you allow it, so it shall be.

Much Love on your journey.




Reconstruction towards 5D


Follow up on yesterday’s blog:

Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocence. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

When we put energy into the moment, and do what we can do best, we fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves.

When we do not seek approval, as we have given ourselves approval within Love, to be fully present in the here and now, we will be surrounded by the ones that resonate with our song, our rhythm, our essence, our being. A complementary stream of love and fortitude will exist around us; motivating and stimulating us, to do our best, and be our full self. A new sense of silence will be introduced to our beings. The silence of emotional independence, that carries no stress, worries, sadness or pain. It carries peace, love, and respect, for yourself and others.

There will no longer be doubts about others or yourself, as the truth will be seen, and acted upon. Innocence of you inner-child will not die in vain, but will be kept alive, nourished and respected.

As we restructure our inner-self, we automatically help our environment, planet, and All that is.

When we stop searching for answers, we will find our answers within.

When we stop putting energy in needing and wanting, we will recognize and revaluate that what and whom, we already have in our life.

Within this peaceful energy, we will elevate to higher grounds. Higher grounds that will show us clearly, what will be next.

The process of reconstruction is worked on, when we have made the heart choice to rise up energetically. In other words, it automatically is put into working when we have made the decision within to embrace our truth within Love.  Now that you have chosen to be aware of your truth; the right situations, opportunities, actions, impulses and knowledge will come on your path, that you will recognize, pick up, and put into action appropriately.

You will know, when ready, as you will feel the shift within. Situations that normally would have caused you stress or sadness, now will be felt for a shorter period of time, if at all, and this will be less and less as time moves on. This experience changes, as it will be acknowledged and appropriately dealt with, now that you can access your truth and the deeper meaning of life, where clarity is your ally.

People’s anger, stress or sadness, that normally would have drawn you in; now will be objectively observed and dealt with appropriately as well, because you know when it involves you and when it does or does not, you will be able to let go of the old emotional burden and move on in the way suitable and required to find a solution.

Simply make the hearts choice, and stay truthful to yourself on this path called life, and reconstruction can be completed.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



Encoded Information Translated


I received the below information two days ago, and am sharing this with you, as it will be recognized by others as well, whom are going through similar shifts right now. Besides that, I would like to share more about how to work without expectation, nor intrusion of the mind’s perspective. A place I have been able to visit, at will, all my life. The place described here as  “the nil”, known as “mind at zero”, or “meditative/hypnotic state of  mind”. The information given in one sentence, I can write various articles about, and will, as they are encoded with so much information; you can only feel.

To introduce this to you, I will give some examples today.

When information streams through me, I write down with limited punctuation. The first version is the raw version and the second version is of me putting sense to it, as I know it. Feel what is right for you.

Raw version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. you will bring yourself to this point quite often now so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent you will see that we can’t accelerate that what has not been  brought to

(implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks and months years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long as cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek true elevation comes when we seek no more just be

Stay in nil away from the obligatory sense of knowing, becoming, existence.  Just be within bliss non expectance lives here rise become rejuvenated and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals new beginnings has no endings anymore as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels  you will become free of inner force soon so that inner knowing can flow free again to no limits of seeing feeling knowing becoming as there are non just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings human race has indulged in past rituals of needing wanting. Which is altered to is.

Second version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been, it has come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. You will bring yourself to this point quite often now, so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent. You will see, that we can’t accelerate that what has not been brought to implementation.

Implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks, months, years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long, as all the cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence. Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

Stay in a nil state of mind, away from the obligatory sense of knowing about becoming and human existence.  Just be within bliss, non-expectance lives here. Rise, become rejuvenated, and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals. New beginnings have no endings anymore, as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels. You will become free of inner force, soon, so that inner knowing can flow free again, with no limits of seeing, feeling, knowing, and becoming, as there are non, just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings, human race has indulged with in past rituals/experiences of needing and wanting. Which is altered to just BEING.

Now, to give you an example of the encoded depth of the information that is shared with me:

When reading:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point.

First of all, I wanted to look up the word “excoriating”, but that’s just because English is not my mother tongue, and this is not a word I use. Truth is, I always can feel what is meant, but my analytical part likes to double check every now and then, or should I say; I allow my analytical part to intrude every now and then. Definition of excoriating = criticizing, berating, attacking. Moving on.

Important in these times, is the shift of the mind’s ability to align with the heart’s truth, instead of the mind’s truth. This means, the ability to reach Universal Knowledge consciously – see blog – is coming within reach for many. This can only be done when one moves away from the criticizing thoughts, the thoughts controlled by ego. When you release from the old excoriating mind, you perform the way most of humanity has utilized their brain power and way of interacting. Your expressions and actions you can see as the release. Has been, come to a nil point; I translate into; these are non-existing now. For me this means that the ability to decipher when one is guided by ego, or heart is known and corrected when needed.

So, with this sentence alone, I could have written about Universal Knowledge, because I have been directed to writings of the past about this same topic, but as I have done this already in the recent past, it is a reminder and introduction for more to come.

Since 1999, I have been writing down my experiences and messages from my guidance, some years more than others. They told me to write these down, as many would go through similar changes in the years to come, and I would need to put it in book form. I put some of the received in my books: “Xsist – for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self”, and more into depth in: “Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth”, they are available on my website and Amazon, and I will continue to work on sharing more in the near future.

Over the years, I have seen many mild shifts happening in people around me, but the shifts that are occurring right now, are so much stronger, and are happening so much quicker…because it is time.

I will give you one more example of the given, translated by me:

Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always.

“Extrusive”, again, I felt to look up; definition: relating to or denoting rock that has been extruded at the earth’s surface as lava or other volcanic deposits.

Reading this, I could not understand what was meant by this, so I emptied the mind, and felt what was meant.

I knew that it had to do with the information I receive from the core of the earth. Known by some, as Argarta.

I never knew there was a name for these beings, as I did not do any research – the ones that know me, know I stopped reading about anything spiritual in 1999, to build my trust in the perceived, as I always thought that, when knowing things, that I must had read it somewhere.  Once that was ruled out, my clear audience was reactivated, as the inner trust was rebuild. Still to this day, I do not read much, as it is not needed. What needs to be known, will be put clearly on my path to receive or to put into action.

In 2000, I was first introduced to my connection with Agartha. I was blown away when I was in Vancouver with a friend of mine, and saw a book with the name Agartha. Still did not read it, but got a confirmation of the existence of the name, that I was not sure of hearing correctly. In 2011, I received a lot of information about the grid and the Garthmarian (can be read as Agarthian) Method. Beings that live in the core and within a high frequency, one would describe as 5D and higher.

I do not want to drift off topic too much, but needed to give an introduction, so you can understand why certain things come to me, and why the language spoken is understood by me in this manner. More about this topic will be shared in the near future.

Gather the extrusive thoughts; is translated by me as gather the information given to me from the core.

Gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown, is the part of me that connects with spirit, but also is the part of others that is eager to know and searching.

I would like to leave you with this, and invite you to release the old ways of knowing when ready, as it will bring you to your personal powers and places never even dreamed possible.

In my past blog post, I shared about how to prepare and become, which will help you on your way, and I have discussed this topic partly in my recent radio show as well. All the links for this information you can find on my website www.xsist.org.

Until we meet again!

Much Love,


Universal Knowledge

Abstract 1 - Copy

I was guided to a journal of mine of December, 2000. Reading it, made me realize, I needed to share this information with you. Especially now, that more and more people are being introduced to the endless knowledge that is surrounding us. Knowledge from our guidance, other realms, and beings – in short outer sources. The knowledge, I would like to refer to as Universal Knowledge.

We all have, unknowingly, tapped into this stream of knowledge. When we do, we merely assume it is knowledge we have gathered over time. Often we get an impulse, after searching for a solution, then zoning out – knowingly or unknowingly. This impulse carries the knowledge we were searching for; EUREKA ! Our ego “tells” us how smart we are, and we indulge in the energy that fuels our self-confidence, and drive to more and better. We often do not realize, that we just were allowing ourselves to drift off to a meditative state of mind, which elevated our frequency high enough to connect to the universal knowledge.

In this time of change, we are becoming more sensitive to our own energy and to those that surrounds us. The more sensitive we become, the stronger the sense of knowing becomes, as we will tap into this universal knowledge each time we allow ourselves to shift to the frequency that connects us to this source.

It is out there ready for everyone to embrace. This sense of knowing frightens many at first, as it is like falling into deep. Losing control of the safety net, that our current knowledge is providing us, brings often fear to our minds. What we know now, we can control, and is easy to deal with. It is a limited amount of knowledge, in which we feel safe, and in control. Anything bigger than this, more expansive and vast, creates a fear of losing control, anxiety and insecurity within.

When we start transforming and shifting our frequency to a higher level, the universal knowledge starts streaming in. The amount of knowledge that is coming in at first, needs to be controlled, so it does not become overwhelming. We need to slowly get used to it, and learn to deal with it in our humanly way. Many things will be felt, which cannot be translated into words, as it goes beyond our verbal expression, yet the deeper understanding will be felt.

To make the incoming stream of Universal Knowledge clear and steady, this is what needs to be done:

  1. You need to go out of your mind, and into your heart
  2. As you are connected to your heart, you are at peace with the pace things come through
  3. You are not trying to understand, because this will cause interference, which will lower your frequency
  4. You are not expecting anything either, as this will send you back to a lower frequency as well

So, take your time to feel it, let it integrate into your essence and remain within silence for a while. Write it down, or record it afterwards, and know that not everything will be understood right away, but will be in time – when you are ready.

There are so many worlds, so many different souls /entities around us in so many different ways and forms, for so many different reasons, which is impossible to remotely understand, or grasp if you cannot truly feel it.

There are spirits giving and taking energy, spirits giving knowledge and learning from our experiences, actions, and our way of thinking. We have different experiences in various outer planes we visit during our different states of consciousness, from which we gain insights, solve karma, build foundations for the journeys to come.  When I first encountered this overload of information, it made me cry, as the impact this feeling had on me, was overwhelming.

The strangest thing about it was; as curious as I was, I was not eager to go into deep and could move away from it with the greatest ease. I did not understand why it was so easy to move away from, but I could let it go, as I knew that we cannot understand it all, we can only understand so little. This knowing, helped me, and I hope it will help you as well. Breathe and know that you can let in, what and when you are ready for it. You can give, what, and when you decide to give. You can be, who you are meant to be, whenever you make that heart choice to do so.

The impulses to look into deep are given and stimulated by your guide(s) through your higher self. Step into the new paradigm that await you my friends, just because you can.

Until we meet again.

Much Love,


www.xsist.org, www.wilhelminamckittrick.com


Feeling of Importance


Light of a New Day Color

Life on earth has always brought us opportunities of change and opportunities to experience actions and inter actions, and always will.

As the new dawn is rising, many feel the urge to move forward. They feel the importance of it, they feel the push to accelerate their pace and manifest the results as fast as possible.

Over the past decade, I have heard from many that they have felt that they came to this planet to do something important. For some it was hard to express that, because parts of them were in disbelieve of their feelings. They were not important enough to do the important work, and they could not understand what needed to be done. They did not have any specific knowledge or abilities that they understood to be important, or that would have been a logical explanation for this feeling. Yet this feeling kept haunting them, made them feel strong, and at times insecure, but would always come back.

I am sure many of you, reading this, can relate to this inner struggle, a struggle that often comes up when personal strength and achievements are put into focus.

When we stop feeding the lower emotions, of self-doubt, worries, and stress, we will come to a point of calmness and silence within. Within this silence, you will find your next step to take on your personal path of life.

Knowing yourself, and understanding your personal rhythm is key. We all have our own frequency, our own song. Important is that your foundation is strong and healthy, so you can build onwards without collapsing.

The basics that leads to a strong foundation of self is Love, Trust, and Balance.

  • When we act out of Love for ourselves and others, purity within our actions will lead the way to further manifestation.
  • When we Trust in ourselves, we will allow opportunities to rise and our abilities to synchronize with this, the way it is meant to be.
  • When we act, interact, produce and consume in a Balance manner, we will be healthier, happier, and will allow our true abilities to shine bright.

As you move forward step by step, true understanding of your mission will come, as you are allowing it to Be.

I wish you much Love on your journey.

Within Love,


Life gives us opportunities to elevate and become whole again. The frequency has been, and will be increasing in the month to come, and how you will endure this, will give you clues on how to alter your ways, or to continue to proceed in the same manner.

If the frequency in our atmosphere feels overwhelming, know that it only feels overwhelming because we are not allowing ourselves to release, reclaim and embrace.

We need to release what we have outgrown, release what is not ours to keep, release what has been withholding us.

We need to reclaim what is ours to keep, reclaim what was taken from us – willingly or not willingly.

We need to embrace our whole self, embrace our truth, embrace our essence.

Once we do this from the heart, we will no longer feel overwhelmed by the frequency increase, as who we are will stand tall within any place and time, within any frequency, and within any situation.

We will be within Love.

Endurance comes with completeness. Endurance gives us an enormous drive to redirect what needs to be redirected, manifest what needs to be manifested, and implement what needs to be implemented.

Rise to the occasion dear people, Rise because you can.

Within Love,


Life without Electricity

What would you do if there was no electricity for an extended time?
No cell phones, as they can’t be charged, no TV, no computers… What would you do?
Would you have enough things to do, that would entertain you, provide you with work that would help get food on the table?
What would you do? Would you depend on others more, would you start building your community? A community with like minds that have the same values, interests and goals in life?
What would you do? Do you have the right friends, and or family around you, with whom you would feel safe and at comfort with, have conversations with, have joyful time with?
What would you do? Do you have a clean source of water that you can use, do you have food that you could grow, nurture and harvest for you and your family?
What would you do? Would you stay calm, or panic? Would you stay within your truth, would you stay loving and caring, or transform into a primitive being that only cares for him or herself?
What would you do? Would you be prepared, or lost? Would you be inventive, or depressed?
What would you do? What would be important to know, to do, to be?
What would you do?….


Some people thrive when they complain about their live, their kids, their family, their work, their sport and so on. In every single thing that they do and experience, they see setbacks and problems. They find something to worry and complain about. Without realizing they find justification within these complaints, which boost their ego, in such a way that next time this same sensation is longed and searched for. The start of a bad habit has been made, when justification is found within the energy of our lower emotions.

Others experience similar situations, yet move on without giving it any extra second of their time or energy. They experience it, deal with it and move on. How can some always solve or improve conflicting matters, while others soak in self-pity and cling on to it and complain?

Is it a true inability to solve the matter at hand, and voicing it will give them a sense of relieve, and an excuse to embrace victimhood and embrace stagnation? Or do they really believe or hope that complaining will let others put in the energy that they are lacking or failing to use appropriately, to find a solution, and that is easier.

Often when the greater part of you has given up, the remaining part feels powerless and sad for yourself, so no energy is put into solving the situation that lies in front of you.

Would not it be better, to look at the situation at hand and put all the energy that you have available in finding a solution. Believing you will find a solution, or a better way to deal with it, puts you halfway on the road to truly resolve the issue at hand. With an open positive mind, you leave all the doors open that will lead to a possible solution, and with an open positive mind and heart, a solution, that most of the time is right in front of you, will be seen and embraced.

Yes, but what if there are no solutions?
Seriously? There is always a solution to any problem, whether you like it or not. You can always improve the situation at hand, learn to cope with it or release it out of your life. If only you would choose to do so.

When certain problems keep coming on your path, I say problems, but truly mean opportunities, as these feelings that these situations or people involved bring out in you, tell you more about yourself and your current roadblock than anything else, become aware of this, so you can become self-aware. Feel your truth in this, and if your emotions are too high, analyze it on paper, and know that you will get to the core of it, just because you choose to do so.

Instead of feeding your lower emotions, remain within your higher frequency and use your inner-knowing and the universal knowledge that is there for all to use, to recognize solutions for the matter at hand, so your light can shine and illuminate your abilities and bliss.

Keep it light, keep it simple.

Happy Trails,