How often do you find yourself justifying your intentions, actions or words?

Are you trying to make things more clear, or are you trying to bring yourself into a better light to others, as you are not agreeing with the perceived?

I invite you to listen to your justifications, and make sure ego is not leading your way..unless you want to of course. If you are ready to move to the next level of consciousness, knowing thyself is imminent. Remaining within your truth and within love is the only way towards the release of indoctrinated persuasive behavior.

Listen…to yourself more so than others, and learn to break free from the self-restrictions you have nurtured for the wrong reasons.

Set yourself free and rise to each occasion given to you in the seconds of your precious breath.

Within Love,









details empowered stillness


Do you get angry with self, or are you angry with others?

Anger comes up when we feel powerless. Powerless about the situation that we cannot control or that is out of our hands, as it is created by choices of other people. These choices have resulted in pain, disappointments, and sadness within.

We have to remember, that the choices you have made in the past, have consequences. If you have chosen someone that is not truthful or not in line with your interest, your joy, or your passion, you cannot expect this person to change in the way that you desire. When you keep a blind eye to a part of the person you love, that blinded eye will have to face the consequences one day.

What does not resonate but is ignored, will still build beneath the surface. The buildup is the negative flow that does not belong to your essence and will surface one day when the time is right. The time will be right when the time is there for you to truly embrace that life lesson, so you can move forward in a brighter light.

The anger that we feel towards people, when we have been betrayed, will not help us. It will only build up more negative energy that creates self-restriction. It creates self-restriction, as it is not in line with your natural essence, or your song. Instead of feeling angry with these people that disappointed you, and or betrayed you, learn to understand that this only happened because you allowed it to happen, due to the choices made in the past.

Always ask yourself the question, am I truthful enough to allow myself to be truthful. Truthful to my life, my rhythm, my song. Not only for now, not only for the moment, but also in the future; will I be able to live with the consequences of my current choices? Will I remain at peace within the light that is me? Will I remain within love, so the consequences will not be conflicting with my choices of the heart?

The ongoing battle of inner conflicts will arise no more, no longer, when we admit to our truth in everything that we do. With every choice we make, we should ask ourselves if this is in balance with our truth. It is important to start making choices from the heart. Choices from the heart have no doubt or have no reasoning or justification for the situation at hand. Choices from the heart gives us the right experience that is required and is inline with our mission, our journey. Whether we experience it as good or bad afterwards, it is up to us to understand and learn from.

Analyze your anger, analyze the disappointment, analyze your lower emotions, and learn more about your true calling, your truth, your true song as you come to the conclusions that are in line with your heart’s truth.

Happy Trails.


Within Love,









Stories, Untold

I came across something I wrote at the end of 2017, which is very appropriate for the here and now…to be remembered…
“Finding one’s answers is established,
not because you are hungry to be fed by answers, but simply because you love, trust, and focus on the momentarily bliss that awaits each second of your life, which results in having clarity and therefore answers.”
Remember dear ones; stories help us remember, stories fuel our drive, our understanding and believes. It prepares us to reach that point where self-discovery bridges with full self-integration. Within this light of existence, stories merely mask true calls for adventure. They mask and temper our true light and frequency, as no thought, nor understanding can reach the true depth of your existence.

Within Love,





Current Shifts

Happy Sunday!Light of a New Day Color

The major shift I spoke of a couple of weeks ago, has been engulfing people’s awareness, actions and perspectives. Many among you feel a stranger to their environment, relationships and even to themselves. Whether it’s experienced as for the better or not, has to do with where you are in life. Where you are in life has to do with what you have embraced, released out and/or integrated into your truth and perception.

A lot of anxiety is experienced among people right now. Breathe..Ground yourself..Love yourself..and know that what we fear or worry about will not change by us fearing it or fueling it with worries..so why do it. Let go and let be, and know that you can decide what to do in the moments given; to act upon the situation at hand in your best possible way, or not.

Becoming aware of Self on every level is key.

Allow yourself the time, silence and space to do so.

Happy trails đź’–

Within Love,




Checking in…


A powerful morning to you all! Are you feeling the sense of wonder around you? Another major shift is at our doorstep. Be brave enough to invite it in ❤
Big shifts I have the pleasure in experiencing in my current classes. Know that letting go of the outgrown allows you to invite back what’s yours to begin with. Allow that newly found space to be refilled with the purity of Self, that once was neglected, ignored, pushed away, or allowed to be taken from you.

We all are able to unraffle the so called mysteries of Self and Life. Question is: Do I allow myself the space, time and energy to do so?

The energies that are pulsing into our atmosphere are stimulating you to listen, and are inviting you into the next level of consciousness. Happy trails ❤

Until we meet again!

Within Love,





Finding What’s Best for Us

Finding what is best for us, doesn’t always requires seeking.

Finding what is best of us doesn’t always makes us instantly happy

Finding what is best for us often asks for forgiveness of our past actions, beliefs and feelings.

Finding what is best for us requires an open heart and love for self.

Finding what is best of us can only be found if we allow ourselves to recognize the given, the received and the accomplished.

When we start acting, giving and creating what’s best for us, from the heart; the interactions, gifts and creations we naturally will receive in return will be best for us.

Within Love,






Update: Year of Acceleration toward Multi-Dimensional Awareness

print1At the beginning of the year my guidance shared with me that this year would be the year of acceleration. How has it been going for you so far?

Amazing shifts within people I have been able to witness this year, for which I am grateful and excited. Excited for the future that’s in store for mankind, as willingness to change has been shown and will only grow as each and everyone of you will share your light, insights and love on your ongoing journey of existence.

A few more months are left. What is your heart choice for these last months of the year?

Have you embraced your highest potential? Or are you working towards this, but don’t know how to truly break free from the conditioning that you have allowed to maintain the controlling factor in your life.

You highest potential, can and will change each time you allow yourself to further broaden your horizon, as your potential goes beyond your wildest imagination.

Do you believe you are putting in the effort, yet do not see the results?

Are you trying so hard to release the old, yet nothing changes?

Often people work on mentally releasing old patterns and ways with minor results. They are so fed up with having to face these same old lessons, over and over again, and are fighting to release, in any way they find on their restless search for release.

Releasing old patterns and ways from a place of love for Self can instantly show results, so the question I would like to ask you – again: Do you love yourself enough to embrace Your truth? Yes Yours, and not the other person(s), whom have you have allowed to control your thoughts, actions and ways. I am talking about Your truth that lies within your heart and is awaiting acknowledgement, so it can further accelerate your level of consciousness.

Inner-transformation on our road to multi-dimensional awareness, starts when we are starting to embrace true love for self.

No buts, or whys, just because.

Keep it simple, keep it truthful and enjoy your journey.


Within Love,






What We Embrace Will Not Be Erased  

Mankind has been emotional beings; we embrace emotions that can shift from high to low. Emotions that form our decisions, perception and believes, and therefore form our lives.

Our conscious memory plays a big part in our day to day living, and so does our sub-conscious memory. When going through grieve and pain due to loss, our experience is not only based upon the moment or the recent past, it is based upon eons of experiences, engraved in our DNA. How we addressed loss or how we are addressing loss is based upon how we admit to our instincts, our familiarity with actions and inter-actions, our needs, wants, believes, knowing and truth.

What truth do we harbor, nurture and keep alive? Where is that truth based upon? Does that truth still live in your heart?

If not, why don’t we alter that believe, and release that truth out of our thoughts, actions and focus?

Allowing pain to rise and digest is important. While doing this, remain within Love, always.

Ask yourself:
What are the facts?
What is my intention?
What is required to reach that intention, in a healthy, loving and balanced way?
What is preventing me to do so?

Addressing these points in an honest way, will help us shift our perspective and therefore our perception.

Addressing these points from a place of love, will prevent unnecessary loss of energy, due to stress and worrying.

How can worrying be a part of life, when we will act in the moment, exist in the moment and allow ourselves to thrive within the true light that is our own, second by second?

Among many other things, we will be shifting in addressing grieve and pain due to loss, as we become more self-aware; as we allow ourselves to enter the new paradigm, where one lives within the moment, in balance and within love for self and all that is.

Find loving, resolving and constructive ways, and stay away from destructive ones, just because you can.

Remember; what we embrace will not be erased. If we harbor stress, grieve and pain, we nurture stress, grieve and pain. If we expect the worse, the worse will be recognized and experienced. If we expect solutions, we will look close enough to recognize solutions. No matter where we are, or who is around us, we have ourselves to lead the way.

Ignite your light dear ones, simply by loving Self and allowing love to nurture our actions and interactions.

Happy Trails,


Within Love,






Utilizing the Energetic Powers Within


Happy Sunday to you all!

I am going to share below, what Spirit shared with me recently:

People don’t know how to utilize the energetic powers within their existence. Now that the frequency is elevating beyond their perception, dire straits are encompassing their believes, that holds no concept of the truth untold.

How has your understanding of life altered, in these times of change? Are you more at peace? Easier balanced out? Or more on the edge, irritable and annoyed by others?

Do you feel at comfort within your choices? Or are you in doubt, and looking for answers?

As your sensitivity is expanding, how are you holding up? Is the environment hostile, manipulative and controlling? Or is it a loving place, with freedom to explore?

These are questions you may want to ask yourself. As the timeline as we know it, has come to an ending. New grounds are walked on, with greater perspectives of ones mission, ones true tasks and responsibilities.

Yes, it is a choice to allow yourself to sense this and experience this. Yes, it is a trial, if you make it one.
When irritation pops up; ask yourself what issue is truly playing out within to make you irritable? What can you do for Yourself, to be at peace within? What old baggage is rising up again to make you aware of your imbalanced behavior? Did you let go, when you needed to let go?

Remember, it is never about others, it is always about you. Your believes, your truth, your intentions… Make them pure, and purity will surround you.

Yes, darkness and light is within the ones that surrounds us. It is up to you what you let in and affects you positively or negatively.

It’s only a problem if you make it yours, dear ones.
Preparation to stand your grounds within turmoil and distractions are being made consciously, by the ones that choose to be aware. Becoming aware of themselves and aware of others that have an effect on them.

Being truthful to allow yourself to be truthful as your search for answers is ignited, will steer you on wards on your path. Without delusions, you will delve within and see your true pain, fear and splendor. So you can deal with that in a positive constructive way.

For yourself, and to yourself; Forgive and let live.

Make it a journey you can and will always embrace, as you honor your choices and allow yourself to rise within the structure that’s you, just because you can.

Within Love,






Coming Home


It has been a while since I last blogged, so I wanted to check-in with you all.

How have you been?

Did a lot change in your life?

Did you change?


I know there is a big Yes to the above last two questions. So much has changed in our world as we know it, as we experience it, and as we acknowledge it.

The new paradigm is, or should I say can be our current paradigm… our new world, of which I share about in my book Self-Awareness, Re-discovering your truth.

A world where living in the now is natural. A world where we exist for the purpose of our heart’s desires and intentions. A world where we are able and knowingly capable to walk the talk, be our truth, and rely on our heart’s intentions. A world in which we are happy, in balance and at peace with what is.

My first YouTube video ever made, was titled Welcome Home. I invite you to listen to it, even if you listened to it before; as you have a deeper understanding of the true you. Feel the words, feel the vibration as it activates layers within you that help you remember your true home inside of you.

Seek the emotional independence as you adventure through life; become in full acceptance of every true part that is you and reintegrate with them.

The long awaited online Personal Acceleration Program that I have been facilitating on location, will start in July. The dates and details will be available on www.wilhelminamckittrick.com. During the on-location classes the participants have experienced depths untouched before, just because they were ready, and willing to set ego aside and embrace their truth.

It’s all about learning how to fully embrace the simplicity of existence again, where you will recognize your truth, your drive, purpose and completeness. Understand your boundaries, so you can erase them, and become the butterfly as you leave the restriction of the cocoon and fly to your next destination.

Beautiful scenery awaits those that are willing to see, become and embrace their truth in all of its depth of existence.

What is Your truth in the seconds that tick away? For you to discover, right here and right now; if you choose to…


Within Love,