Last night’s message from Spirit:

Indecisive behavior stems from irrevocable inhibitions that one’s cravings can’t see/comprehend. Seduction is merely foreplay without end results, if you allow your focus to wander after feeling the drive to create/procreate, and manifest. True manifestation derives from acts that carry clarity, focus and resolving skills, which one allows when one is trusting one’s abilities.  Trust is key to procreate, recreate, or simply create and manifest what lies within reach. Learn to see the opportunities, and bring forth new ways that your mind can absorb.

This invited me to write about Stagnation:

Why do people postpone things, what they can do right now?

Why do people walk away from an opportunity, without trying, because it seems to hard to achieve?

Why do people crave, yet never allow themselves to receive?

Why do people stagnate?

Fear is a factor in this, fear of the unknown, fear of change, and so on. Trust is another important factor, that we need to look at. Trust and Love, are the key building blocks required to make our foundation balanced and stable. If these are out of sink, you will be out of sink.

Spirit has referred to the new, often as The New Dawn. In my blogs, I will share more raw messages from Spirit, feel the words and you will understand.

In these times of transformation, we are restructuring our building blocks of the past and present, so our future will be balanced and ready to receive the frequency of the new dawn.

Restructuring, in the form of frequency change/energetic change and release of the old, is taking place in our essence. The more we allow it to flow through and within us, and the more we allow release of the old, the more change and growth we will experience within us.

Release of the old, can mean so many different things. Conditionings, relationships, contracts, believes and ways of our current and past lives are all a part of this. Parts that you may not remember or are aware of, yet are ready to release with the heart’s guided power of intent.

When you feel the impulse of change; embrace it, and investigate it. Remember life is an adventure, for you to explore, experience and enjoy. Do, what feels right in your heart’s moment, and so it shall be.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,




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