When Myths Become Reality


Happy New Year!


A new year, a new month; starting with a full moon and ending with one. The second full moon in one month, is called a blue moon. A very powerful time were stagnation doesn’t have a place. During the time of the new moon new tasks, opportunities, and choices come to light. This story unfolds and comes to completion during the Full Moon. A completion measured by ones effort, intention, pace and destiny.

Today, January 1, 2018;
What has come to completion for you today?
How do you want it to pan out for you going onwards?
What can you improve, alter, accelerate in the best way possible?
Why is it important?

Take a few moments to consciously connect with your essence and surroundings, when needed, so you can recenter and balance your thoughts, feelings and goals again.

What truly needs to be understood within, when you try to justify yourself, so you can set yourself free.

Bust through the vicious circle, and manifest change from the heart.

Have an amazing, sparkly and joyous first day of the year 💜

Within Love,





August is here…


Hi Everyone,

August is here. A month that will finalize, what many started at the beginning of 2017.

Thoughts, ideas, decisions, perceptions, and knowledge about whatever was important for you to connect with, has developed itself into a concrete substance, and became or will become tangible, and fully understood.

Two days ago an energetic explosion took place within. An eruption that pushed the foretold to the surface.

It left one hazy, far from sharp and mental clarity, as full integration took its form and place.
Leaving us feeling a stranger to our own known rhythm. We exchanged our old rhythm with the new more evolved one. A rhythm of higher frequency, thus ability and strength.

Dazed it left many, as they were doing their routine or needed work. I had my monthly Inner Journey Event planned, and found it hard to stay structured and clear. I decided not to fight it and went on in the way that felt best. The interconnection session finalized the evening and the angelic realm shared their message. They wanted the participants to experience their connection with them, so they would recognize it when available. More was shared, but not remembered by me, due to the channel state of mind, that doesn’t absorb much, as it functions as a conduit.

The topic of this month was Gateway keepers and the Grid of our Universe. Spirit guided me to share about this a couple of months ago, as it was time. They shared information about this topic spread over time, starting in 1999, but mainly in 2007.

It was time to bring light and a deeper understanding to this topic. I am going to work on creating a video and presentation to share this, more in detail, with those that are interested soon.

Exciting times are on our doorstep. Meet me on the 21st to ignite your inner Dragon.
If you don’t live in Oklahoma, but would love to attend and experience a journey to your inner Dragon, let me know. Long distance sessions through phone or Skype can be done as well.

Have a wonderful, adventurous month, just because you can.

Until we meet again!

Within Love,





Checking in

So how is everyone feeling? What have you experienced these past weeks, and what are you experiencing now?

These are times of extremes, times of change, and restructuring.
I have been re-organizing, and getting things back on track again. I went through old writings/journals as many messages that were given to me years ago, are relevant for many today. I still have to retrieve some, that I remember I wrote in the past…

On a side note; I also figured out that the article that I read in my interview with Carl Johan Calleman, about Mind Transformation, was actually written in May of 2011, instead of 09/2013. That makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t listen to this interview yet, it is available in my radio archive on xsist.org.

The reason why I am feeling drawn to get things organized, is because there is much to share, teach and learn in these fast moving times. No time to waste.

If you have questions, about your own personal path of transformation, join us Sunday 2/26 at 1pm CST, in the Truth Warriors Unite Gathering. A free gathering of like-minded ones, on Skype, to discuss change, roadblocks and future steps on our journey called life. For more info see events on http://www.xsist.org.

For now, share your experience, if you feel it may be of help to others.

Happy Trails!

Much Love,