Dream Time

Dream time is a powerful time to restore, regain energy, heal, receive insights and to release.

These days vivid dreams are eminent within those that have embraced their personal transformation.

Past life’s battles, and lessons present themselves, so you can release the burdens you have kept in your essence, because of old believes, contracts and

What do you believe today? What is your truth today?
Make that your motivation to neutralize outgrown truths, that you have kept “alive” within your essence, often without even knowing…just because you can, and know now.

Don’t you remember everything you dreamed about? That’s ok, because the lingering heavy feeling that you sense when waking up, is enough to know that you can have the heart’s intent, right now, to release old habits, old contracts and old ways that doesn’t benefit you in any way or form, out of your essence.

I am going to make a Release & Reclaiming Process mp3, which will be available in my online store http://www.wilhelminamckittrick.com , before the end of today. To help guide you through this process, so your next level of consciousness can be embraced smoothly.

In these times of change it is important to know yourself, accept your full self, and honor yourself, so no one can take and keep pieces of your essence and soul. Why would they take this, you may wonder. There are many walks of life among us, that prey on others strength and powers, whether that is physically, mentally or spiritually done, it is done with our permission, or because of our ignorance. Some even do this, without realizing they are doing this. Often this was done in past lives, that we are ready to balance out now.
What can you do? Become AWARE of YOURSELF.

Know yourself, love, honor and respect yourself, so those that do or did, will be seen/sensed, taught, avoided, released and prevented from doing this again.
With the Release & Reclaiming Process mp3, you will be able to start restoring your inner balance, claim yourself back and release claimed pieces that are not your own, so you will continue your life within all the purity and beauty that you are meant to be.

Have a wonderful day!

Within Love,

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