Different Angles of Perception

We receive information that we analyze, and translate lead by our conditionings, knowledge and believes. We allow different insights, views and impressions to cloud our perception, as we believe it will give us clarity and help us move forward. This often happens, but also often is working against us, as the inner turmoil that often is created within, when one is searching for answers, will halt the process required and longed for.

Work from the heart, means work in the way that fits your rhythm, your abilities and your goals.

Know what needs to be taken in, and feel what it means to you. Understand the meaning, of what encountered, for you. Learn to read between the lines, or better said; learn to feel between the lines.

Spirit has been giving me insights, lessons, and guidance since 1999. Going through their lessons today, makes me smile, as I couldn’t understand what they were talking about then, but know now as I have grown.

I shared this information in my two books: “Xsist – for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self” and more into depth in “Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth”.

When you re-read my books, after going through your personal development stages, you will be able to understand different layers, and it will give you a deeper meaning, than you could comprehend before. What you thought to understand then, you will see in a different light now, as the given lesson will be understood and implemented without any doubts.

When you feel overwhelmed by the received information, you know you have gone way passed your boundaries. Allow time, focus on what is truly important. So, the basics can be mastered, so the next level can make its entrance.

When you are trying to understand, you are not working from the heart. When you work from the heart, there is no need to try anymore; as what is, will be, and what you can do, you will do. What you can’t you integrate, if needed, or let go, if not important for you. Your heart knows. Let it guide you.

Information that is received by spirit, can be translated by the mind, to get a superficial understanding of the message. The more you are allowing your heart to read and understand, the stronger and clearer the message will be, as it will relate to your truth, and not your mind.

Messages that relates to your truth, are far more impactful, valuable and constructive, as no time is wasted on contemplation or discussions. The message comes home, and helps transform your ability to act and interact in a new manner, based on the embraced essence it carries.


You can search within, with mind persuasion, or look outside with thoughts that will lead you astray.

Yet you won’t find the underlying depth of truth, as you are wandering in the dark.

Emotions is a human trait that has kept us in the loop of distress and happiness, yet can be dissolved in today’s knowing. When perspectives alter, new ways of understanding rise.

The unknown becomes clear and filters those that induce malfunctions in a world that is no longer illusion prone, as its mind eye is no longer relevant in today’s mission.   

Within Love,



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