So, Why don’t you?

When you feel impulses to alter your ways

When you feel impulses to let go

When you feel impulses to move on

Why don’t you?

When you feel confusion, incomplete or misunderstood

When you feel sad, disappointed or mistreated

What do you do?

Do you feel sorry for yourself, complain to others about your situation, and continue onwards with your life, just like before? Or do you feel invited to alter your ways so what is, no longer will be, and what is required will be created by your alternative actions.

Nothing changes, if we don’t embrace change.

So, why don’t you?

Ask yourself that question, and be truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful to yourself.

As you will be truthful to yourself, you will become truthful to others.

When we rely or hold on to outgrown traits, habits and relationships, we will be experiencing emotional turmoil, as our expectations will not be met.

When we choose the seemingly easy road of non resistance, we may want to ask ourselves Why?

The road ahead is as easy as you allow it to be.

So, Why don’t you allow yourself to recognize your road of truth?

What do you consider to be easy, and why? Within your answers you will find your solution.

So why don’t you?


Within Love,





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