Global Transformation

These are times of completion and transformation.  Have you felt the urge to clean up and re-organize what is important to you? Have you looked at situations, people and activities that were normally a natural part of your daily life, as odd, strange and out of place? Have you felt different, more tired, or spaced out these days?

Actions and interactions that used to be OK, are not acceptable anymore. New priorities are made and old interests have become obsolete.

These are all signs of transferring to a different vibration, a different frequency and perception, which is very common these days. Main thing is to keep following the impulses that come in, and keep following your heart in making the right decisions in the moments of your existence on this planet.

Eat healthy, rest enough and stay aware of your truth as you ride the waves of life. We are close to a major breakthrough of global awareness.  This will be experienced differently by people, all depending on your personal awareness, yet everyone will undergo a jilt; an inner shock that will invite one to search deeper for completion and inner peace.

Don’t panic, just stay calm and listen to the initial impulses that will come your way. Learn to understand your truth and your new rhythm.

Through love and trust in ourselves, we will find the resolutions of life.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



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