Checking in

So how is everyone feeling? What have you experienced these past weeks, and what are you experiencing now?

These are times of extremes, times of change, and restructuring.
I have been re-organizing, and getting things back on track again. I went through old writings/journals as many messages that were given to me years ago, are relevant for many today. I still have to retrieve some, that I remember I wrote in the past…

On a side note; I also figured out that the article that I read in my interview with Carl Johan Calleman, about Mind Transformation, was actually written in May of 2011, instead of 09/2013. That makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t listen to this interview yet, it is available in my radio archive on

The reason why I am feeling drawn to get things organized, is because there is much to share, teach and learn in these fast moving times. No time to waste.

If you have questions, about your own personal path of transformation, join us Sunday 2/26 at 1pm CST, in the Truth Warriors Unite Gathering. A free gathering of like-minded ones, on Skype, to discuss change, roadblocks and future steps on our journey called life. For more info see events on

For now, share your experience, if you feel it may be of help to others.

Happy Trails!

Much Love,

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