Stories, Untold

I came across something I wrote at the end of 2017, which is very appropriate for the here and now…to be remembered…
“Finding one’s answers is established,
not because you are hungry to be fed by answers, but simply because you love, trust, and focus on the momentarily bliss that awaits each second of your life, which results in having clarity and therefore answers.”
Remember dear ones; stories help us remember, stories fuel our drive, our understanding and believes. It prepares us to reach that point where self-discovery bridges with full self-integration. Within this light of existence, stories merely mask true calls for adventure. They mask and temper our true light and frequency, as no thought, nor understanding can reach the true depth of your existence.

Within Love,



The Benefit..not the Burden

The build up of the energy and frequency containing our past experiences, choices and contracts, has created what was the start of our current lifetime. This energy that we call our essence, our being and our body, holds the blueprint of many lifetimes, existences and intentions. Who are we and why are we here? Why do we experience certain emotional tendencies and physical ailments and what can we do to balance that out again?
The answers lie in the blueprint of our existence, awaiting our approval to release, clear, reintegrate and reclaim, what needs to be done in the power and presence of the now.
I have been through spontaneous regressions in the past. I went back in time and experienced myself as different persons, experienced emotions that were contained by certain experiences, beliefs and concepts that lived it’s part within me as time moved on.  Earthly existences, incarnation after incarnation, molded who I am today.
Going through these spontaneous regressions, I was guided to experience certain lessons that I didn’t allow myself to master, back then. I was guided through certain parts to remember within my current abilities and willingness, so I could come full circle with the given.
Remembering, followed by accepting and embracing the lesson, results in reaping the benefits of the experience, instead of endlessly carrying the burden in our backpack of existence.
Unresolved matters only holds us back, as the weight drains our energy, our trust and ultimately our excitement for life.
As a hypnotherapist, I guide people through regressions, so they can gain insights, understanding and resolve inner- conflicts so life’s benefits, on many levels, can be recognized and experienced in a positive light.
What unresolved matter, do you allow yourself to recognize? Why is it still unresolved?
Are you allowing yourself to grow and experience the next level of existence?
For your heart to answer.
Within Love,

True Fulfillment


What drives us in life, is the search for fulfillment. Life gives us options to choose our directions. Directions that will give us experiences, with people, places and things. Experiences that teaches us, entertains us and gives us fulfillment, as it is in line with our established truth.
Our established truth, is what leads us in our drive to achieve fulfillment. What we think we need is created by our perception of life and its purpose. Our perception is what we have allowed ourselves to believe, so it could establish within as truth, and form a conditioning.
When drawn to people, places and or things, feel why. As it can teach you about your perception, your truth.  Understanding your perception, why it’s within you and why you have allowed it, will give you a clear lead on to whether you need to change course or can continue in the same order. It will teach you, if it still belongs to your truth, or if it is time to open up to new opportunities, that will elevate your vision, or scope of life.
True fulfillment comes when our heart’s calling is honored and followed. Whether or not you heart’s calling urges change, will be noticed, and the new required direction will be seen.
People, places and things; no matter how much you have, it will not mean a thing, if you heart is not in line with previous choices that have led up to this point in life.
Asking kids what they want to become, in line of profession is so common. Some know, others do not. It makes them believe it is important to make a decision, as this choice will define their life. It will rank them, portray them and measure them by society. It far too often brings distraction of truth which our heart is bringing forward to us.
Asking people what they want to achieve in life, in line with their heart’s calling, will invite people’s perception to be challenged as they experience people, places and things. When one is challenging his or her perceptions, or in other words; when one lives outside the box of mental restrictions, one will embrace growth and new understanding.
New growth and understanding achieved by the drive of our heart’s calling, instead of our ego, will go beyond any expectations, and will bring wonders to life, never thought possible dreaming of.
Learn to feel your truth fully again, and you will know and recognize your true path of life, that will give you true fulfillment with each step that you take.

Carpe diem, just because you can.
Much Love,

Life without Electricity

What would you do if there was no electricity for an extended time?
No cell phones, as they can’t be charged, no TV, no computers… What would you do?
Would you have enough things to do, that would entertain you, provide you with work that would help get food on the table?
What would you do? Would you depend on others more, would you start building your community? A community with like minds that have the same values, interests and goals in life?
What would you do? Do you have the right friends, and or family around you, with whom you would feel safe and at comfort with, have conversations with, have joyful time with?
What would you do? Do you have a clean source of water that you can use, do you have food that you could grow, nurture and harvest for you and your family?
What would you do? Would you stay calm, or panic? Would you stay within your truth, would you stay loving and caring, or transform into a primitive being that only cares for him or herself?
What would you do? Would you be prepared, or lost? Would you be inventive, or depressed?
What would you do? What would be important to know, to do, to be?
What would you do?….


Some people thrive when they complain about their live, their kids, their family, their work, their sport and so on. In every single thing that they do and experience, they see setbacks and problems. They find something to worry and complain about. Without realizing they find justification within these complaints, which boost their ego, in such a way that next time this same sensation is longed and searched for. The start of a bad habit has been made, when justification is found within the energy of our lower emotions.

Others experience similar situations, yet move on without giving it any extra second of their time or energy. They experience it, deal with it and move on. How can some always solve or improve conflicting matters, while others soak in self-pity and cling on to it and complain?

Is it a true inability to solve the matter at hand, and voicing it will give them a sense of relieve, and an excuse to embrace victimhood and embrace stagnation? Or do they really believe or hope that complaining will let others put in the energy that they are lacking or failing to use appropriately, to find a solution, and that is easier.

Often when the greater part of you has given up, the remaining part feels powerless and sad for yourself, so no energy is put into solving the situation that lies in front of you.

Would not it be better, to look at the situation at hand and put all the energy that you have available in finding a solution. Believing you will find a solution, or a better way to deal with it, puts you halfway on the road to truly resolve the issue at hand. With an open positive mind, you leave all the doors open that will lead to a possible solution, and with an open positive mind and heart, a solution, that most of the time is right in front of you, will be seen and embraced.

Yes, but what if there are no solutions?
Seriously? There is always a solution to any problem, whether you like it or not. You can always improve the situation at hand, learn to cope with it or release it out of your life. If only you would choose to do so.

When certain problems keep coming on your path, I say problems, but truly mean opportunities, as these feelings that these situations or people involved bring out in you, tell you more about yourself and your current roadblock than anything else, become aware of this, so you can become self-aware. Feel your truth in this, and if your emotions are too high, analyze it on paper, and know that you will get to the core of it, just because you choose to do so.

Instead of feeding your lower emotions, remain within your higher frequency and use your inner-knowing and the universal knowledge that is there for all to use, to recognize solutions for the matter at hand, so your light can shine and illuminate your abilities and bliss.

Keep it light, keep it simple.

Happy Trails,


Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem, take every day as an opportunity to embrace your whole self and soar with the winds of change.

Have you felt the rush, the stream of impulses to help you break out of your shelter, to help break down the wall around you that have kept you from moving forward.

Many people around us have felt it. I can see the change in them, their awakening had been ignited long time ago, yet now you can see their hunger for their truth, arise above the self proclaimed innocence. The self proclaimed innocence that truly was their place of comfort, within a structure that was not their own.

It came with struggle, anger, sadness, disappointments; all was required to open up their eyes. To show them the picture of their life’s patterns, their life’s drama, their life’s truth; which was based upon old conditionings that were outgrown, yet never dismissed.

The stream of impulses, the rush that can be felt strongly within our atmosphere, is stimulating those that need to change their ways, it is stimulating those that need to restructure their life, restructure their truth.

Every day, is a day that carries the opportunities to achieve what is required to embrace your truth, your complete self, the complete You.

Carpe Diem dear people, as the time is here.

Much Love,


Personal Place of Power

What is your personal place of power?

To me, it is a place that welcomed you, the very first time you entered it. Every time you go there you feel full of love, warmth, safe and at home.

This special place gives you  inspiration, motivation and stimulation to be your personal best in any way or form.

You will feel shifts that rejuvenates, electrifies, clarifies, heals and awakens parts of you that you have never dreamed of before.

It could be your bath tub, a place, a country or a specific state of mind and being.

How can you find your personal place of power?

Follow your heart, and go where you feel you need to go. Practice to be silent enough within, to be able to feel the mentioned shifts within. Reunite with yourself and learn to feel what is truly right for you.

Allow it, and enjoy it..just because you can.

Within Love,



Spirituality had entered my life at full speed in 1998, and has been a part of me ever since.

In connection with the mostly unseen, I have received and passed on valuable guidance, counseling and healing over the years.

How I have changed, how the world has changed and is changing. How amazing new depths and trials have entered and left my life, as have adventures and new beginnings.

I stepped away from internet radio, one on one sessions and workshop, about 5 years ago.

I stepped away, as I felt it was time to explore and focus more on different things. What I shared, was now being shared by others as well, so the need for me to speak and share, was not felt. It was never about, being in the spot light, never about wanting to be heard. It was about sharing, as it was time.

Recently my father passed on. It still feels unreal. He was sick for a while and was tired. I wish him a gentle, loving pass over, when he is ready to move on to where his next adventure awaits.

Losing loved ones, makes us stand still amidst the turmoil, which we allow to take over far too often. It makes one realize how vulnerable, temporarily and non-complicated life is.

It also made me stand still and realize that many still do need to hear what was said and is being said, as they keep going into the same pattern that keeps them from reaching the growth that is available for them to embrace.

It is the nature of many to complicate things, dramatize situations, and grasp for the ungraspable, just out of despair and inner conflicts. Are we so uncertain about our own abilities, unable to balance out our emotions and actions? Yes, it is important to find our personal passion, our drive to succeed and prosper, yet too often, one forgets to find their personal balance and truth, and walks the paths that were walked before by others with different agenda’s, missions and goals. Be bold enough to stop, and smell your roses, instead of inhaling the roses of others that seem beautiful and attractive. Be at comfort in your own body, love and trust yourself enough to allow yourself the space and silence, to gather peace and understanding of the situation you are in.

Time has quickened, use it wisely. Don’t compare, don’t despair, feel your abilities and use them within love. The length of life is not of importance, it is the quality. Make each day your best, just because you can.