Feeling of Importance


Light of a New Day Color

Life on earth has always brought us opportunities of change and opportunities to experience actions and inter actions, and always will.

As the new dawn is rising, many feel the urge to move forward. They feel the importance of it, they feel the push to accelerate their pace and manifest the results as fast as possible.

Over the past decade, I have heard from many that they have felt that they came to this planet to do something important. For some it was hard to express that, because parts of them were in disbelieve of their feelings. They were not important enough to do the important work, and they could not understand what needed to be done. They did not have any specific knowledge or abilities that they understood to be important, or that would have been a logical explanation for this feeling. Yet this feeling kept haunting them, made them feel strong, and at times insecure, but would always come back.

I am sure many of you, reading this, can relate to this inner struggle, a struggle that often comes up when personal strength and achievements are put into focus.

When we stop feeding the lower emotions, of self-doubt, worries, and stress, we will come to a point of calmness and silence within. Within this silence, you will find your next step to take on your personal path of life.

Knowing yourself, and understanding your personal rhythm is key. We all have our own frequency, our own song. Important is that your foundation is strong and healthy, so you can build onwards without collapsing.

The basics that leads to a strong foundation of self is Love, Trust, and Balance.

  • When we act out of Love for ourselves and others, purity within our actions will lead the way to further manifestation.
  • When we Trust in ourselves, we will allow opportunities to rise and our abilities to synchronize with this, the way it is meant to be.
  • When we act, interact, produce and consume in a Balance manner, we will be healthier, happier, and will allow our true abilities to shine bright.

As you move forward step by step, true understanding of your mission will come, as you are allowing it to Be.

I wish you much Love on your journey.

Within Love,

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