Reconstruction towards 5D


Follow up on yesterday’s blog:

Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocence. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

When we put energy into the moment, and do what we can do best, we fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves.

When we do not seek approval, as we have given ourselves approval within Love, to be fully present in the here and now, we will be surrounded by the ones that resonate with our song, our rhythm, our essence, our being. A complementary stream of love and fortitude will exist around us; motivating and stimulating us, to do our best, and be our full self. A new sense of silence will be introduced to our beings. The silence of emotional independence, that carries no stress, worries, sadness or pain. It carries peace, love, and respect, for yourself and others.

There will no longer be doubts about others or yourself, as the truth will be seen, and acted upon. Innocence of you inner-child will not die in vain, but will be kept alive, nourished and respected.

As we restructure our inner-self, we automatically help our environment, planet, and All that is.

When we stop searching for answers, we will find our answers within.

When we stop putting energy in needing and wanting, we will recognize and revaluate that what and whom, we already have in our life.

Within this peaceful energy, we will elevate to higher grounds. Higher grounds that will show us clearly, what will be next.

The process of reconstruction is worked on, when we have made the heart choice to rise up energetically. In other words, it automatically is put into working when we have made the decision within to embrace our truth within Love.  Now that you have chosen to be aware of your truth; the right situations, opportunities, actions, impulses and knowledge will come on your path, that you will recognize, pick up, and put into action appropriately.

You will know, when ready, as you will feel the shift within. Situations that normally would have caused you stress or sadness, now will be felt for a shorter period of time, if at all, and this will be less and less as time moves on. This experience changes, as it will be acknowledged and appropriately dealt with, now that you can access your truth and the deeper meaning of life, where clarity is your ally.

People’s anger, stress or sadness, that normally would have drawn you in; now will be objectively observed and dealt with appropriately as well, because you know when it involves you and when it does or does not, you will be able to let go of the old emotional burden and move on in the way suitable and required to find a solution.

Simply make the hearts choice, and stay truthful to yourself on this path called life, and reconstruction can be completed.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,


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