Universal Knowledge

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I was guided to a journal of mine of December, 2000. Reading it, made me realize, I needed to share this information with you. Especially now, that more and more people are being introduced to the endless knowledge that is surrounding us. Knowledge from our guidance, other realms, and beings – in short outer sources. The knowledge, I would like to refer to as Universal Knowledge.

We all have, unknowingly, tapped into this stream of knowledge. When we do, we merely assume it is knowledge we have gathered over time. Often we get an impulse, after searching for a solution, then zoning out – knowingly or unknowingly. This impulse carries the knowledge we were searching for; EUREKA ! Our ego “tells” us how smart we are, and we indulge in the energy that fuels our self-confidence, and drive to more and better. We often do not realize, that we just were allowing ourselves to drift off to a meditative state of mind, which elevated our frequency high enough to connect to the universal knowledge.

In this time of change, we are becoming more sensitive to our own energy and to those that surrounds us. The more sensitive we become, the stronger the sense of knowing becomes, as we will tap into this universal knowledge each time we allow ourselves to shift to the frequency that connects us to this source.

It is out there ready for everyone to embrace. This sense of knowing frightens many at first, as it is like falling into deep. Losing control of the safety net, that our current knowledge is providing us, brings often fear to our minds. What we know now, we can control, and is easy to deal with. It is a limited amount of knowledge, in which we feel safe, and in control. Anything bigger than this, more expansive and vast, creates a fear of losing control, anxiety and insecurity within.

When we start transforming and shifting our frequency to a higher level, the universal knowledge starts streaming in. The amount of knowledge that is coming in at first, needs to be controlled, so it does not become overwhelming. We need to slowly get used to it, and learn to deal with it in our humanly way. Many things will be felt, which cannot be translated into words, as it goes beyond our verbal expression, yet the deeper understanding will be felt.

To make the incoming stream of Universal Knowledge clear and steady, this is what needs to be done:

  1. You need to go out of your mind, and into your heart
  2. As you are connected to your heart, you are at peace with the pace things come through
  3. You are not trying to understand, because this will cause interference, which will lower your frequency
  4. You are not expecting anything either, as this will send you back to a lower frequency as well

So, take your time to feel it, let it integrate into your essence and remain within silence for a while. Write it down, or record it afterwards, and know that not everything will be understood right away, but will be in time – when you are ready.

There are so many worlds, so many different souls /entities around us in so many different ways and forms, for so many different reasons, which is impossible to remotely understand, or grasp if you cannot truly feel it.

There are spirits giving and taking energy, spirits giving knowledge and learning from our experiences, actions, and our way of thinking. We have different experiences in various outer planes we visit during our different states of consciousness, from which we gain insights, solve karma, build foundations for the journeys to come.  When I first encountered this overload of information, it made me cry, as the impact this feeling had on me, was overwhelming.

The strangest thing about it was; as curious as I was, I was not eager to go into deep and could move away from it with the greatest ease. I did not understand why it was so easy to move away from, but I could let it go, as I knew that we cannot understand it all, we can only understand so little. This knowing, helped me, and I hope it will help you as well. Breathe and know that you can let in, what and when you are ready for it. You can give, what, and when you decide to give. You can be, who you are meant to be, whenever you make that heart choice to do so.

The impulses to look into deep are given and stimulated by your guide(s) through your higher self. Step into the new paradigm that await you my friends, just because you can.

Until we meet again.

Much Love,


www.xsist.org, www.wilhelminamckittrick.com



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