Life gives us opportunities to elevate and become whole again. The frequency has been, and will be increasing in the month to come, and how you will endure this, will give you clues on how to alter your ways, or to continue to proceed in the same manner.

If the frequency in our atmosphere feels overwhelming, know that it only feels overwhelming because we are not allowing ourselves to release, reclaim and embrace.

We need to release what we have outgrown, release what is not ours to keep, release what has been withholding us.

We need to reclaim what is ours to keep, reclaim what was taken from us – willingly or not willingly.

We need to embrace our whole self, embrace our truth, embrace our essence.

Once we do this from the heart, we will no longer feel overwhelmed by the frequency increase, as who we are will stand tall within any place and time, within any frequency, and within any situation.

We will be within Love.

Endurance comes with completeness. Endurance gives us an enormous drive to redirect what needs to be redirected, manifest what needs to be manifested, and implement what needs to be implemented.

Rise to the occasion dear people, Rise because you can.

Within Love,


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