Withdrawal as Transformation Hits our Path

doveI have seen several people going through some serious withdrawals as transformation hits their essence. I have experienced it many times before. This resulted in me getting my groceries late in the evening, so I would not have to deal with too many people. Others made me feel off, uncomfortable and irritated me. I felt different and out of place.

What is clear to me now, is that I needed to adapt to my new rhythm, and that took all the energy my mind wanted to process. As I allowed the irritation to exist, I allowed it to build stronger. It became so bad that when around others, I became dizzy, left my body, and was on a virtual run. When going through change now, I have learned to embrace it differently. Seeing withdrawal happening around me, I felt compelled to share the following.

As we grow and elevate our frequency, do not alienate, just accumulate the newly found glory and allow time for your mind to adapt.

Know that you will feel out of place, and other frequencies will be noticed more clearly.  The higher you vibrate, the closer you are to All that is, but know that the path to higher grounds asks you to remain pure, without inner battles, and with no judgement, so your inner balance can reach the required level to newly exist in the here and now.

As we grow, and we feel the need to withdraw, allow silence and time to drive away lower emotions that are fighting to regain stronger grounds. From love we came, within love we learn, and grow in the best way possible. Let love be your focus in these times of change, so you can remain on your path to the next level of existence guided by your heart, instead of disturbed by ego.

Remember, it is never about what others do or say, it all about what you do with it.

When ready, it doesn’t matter what or who is around you, no matter how low or how high their frequency is; you will remain within your own energy, within your emotional independence, as you soar gently within the winds of change.

As you allow it, so it shall be.

Much Love on your journey.




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