Some people thrive when they complain about their live, their kids, their family, their work, their sport and so on. In every single thing that they do and experience, they see setbacks and problems. They find something to worry and complain about. Without realizing they find justification within these complaints, which boost their ego, in such a way that next time this same sensation is longed and searched for. The start of a bad habit has been made, when justification is found within the energy of our lower emotions.

Others experience similar situations, yet move on without giving it any extra second of their time or energy. They experience it, deal with it and move on. How can some always solve or improve conflicting matters, while others soak in self-pity and cling on to it and complain?

Is it a true inability to solve the matter at hand, and voicing it will give them a sense of relieve, and an excuse to embrace victimhood and embrace stagnation? Or do they really believe or hope that complaining will let others put in the energy that they are lacking or failing to use appropriately, to find a solution, and that is easier.

Often when the greater part of you has given up, the remaining part feels powerless and sad for yourself, so no energy is put into solving the situation that lies in front of you.

Would not it be better, to look at the situation at hand and put all the energy that you have available in finding a solution. Believing you will find a solution, or a better way to deal with it, puts you halfway on the road to truly resolve the issue at hand. With an open positive mind, you leave all the doors open that will lead to a possible solution, and with an open positive mind and heart, a solution, that most of the time is right in front of you, will be seen and embraced.

Yes, but what if there are no solutions?
Seriously? There is always a solution to any problem, whether you like it or not. You can always improve the situation at hand, learn to cope with it or release it out of your life. If only you would choose to do so.

When certain problems keep coming on your path, I say problems, but truly mean opportunities, as these feelings that these situations or people involved bring out in you, tell you more about yourself and your current roadblock than anything else, become aware of this, so you can become self-aware. Feel your truth in this, and if your emotions are too high, analyze it on paper, and know that you will get to the core of it, just because you choose to do so.

Instead of feeding your lower emotions, remain within your higher frequency and use your inner-knowing and the universal knowledge that is there for all to use, to recognize solutions for the matter at hand, so your light can shine and illuminate your abilities and bliss.

Keep it light, keep it simple.

Happy Trails,


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