Play the Fool

Black Panter

Play the fool, who does not know, and doesn’t fear the unknown.

Sharing the received:

Moving forward in the new paradigm construct that serves our higher purpose on this planet, brings me to the conclusion of desperation. A topic of importance today.

It’s time to call home, it is time to consider oneself as whole and not broken, it is used to be controlled by mind patter, thoughts and feelings derived from previous experiences, truths and judgments. Let’s break free from the undeniable broken self and start to rebuild the construct that can hold You beyond your wildest imagination.

Frequencies can not be denied once we admit to the flow that recalls our membrane to stagger beneath the so-called concepts of desaturation. We once knew that we were drifting off into a mine field of no tomorrows, this made you feel pushed to the edge of the time line that carries more than self-righteousness, it carries all, and within that new born revelation, you can see the end is near; program true passion where it belongs.

Many have lurked beneath the surface and yet are lost as they direct themselves continuously to the place of comfort, the place known..

Release the focus to grip on to what is known, and leap into the unknown, like a fool who does not know, and doesn’t fear the unknown. As the so-called fool will encounter the unexpected, the undecided, the unrevealed, as there are no boundaries that prevents him to meet up with the future that lies ahead to be discovered.

Be the so-called fool, and wander off into the mist that holds your destiny.

Surrender, then free yourself as the time-line has begun to surface, there were no one went, will be seen, discussed and discovered. Bring yourself forward and see within the proximity of the truth that lies within your soul’s true meaning of existing on this surface called Eritrea’s outcome. Forgiveness lies within, see, be, yet bring yourself there were limitations are no more.


Within Love,


Returning Home

20180226_130546I finished this painting today.
It is a painting that has been following me for a while. With that I mean, over a course of at least a month, I have been receiving images of this painting at random. Images as visions. Yesterday it was time for me to create it, and as it came to completion today, I am happy to share it with you. Feel what you feel, after connecting to your heart.

Title of this painting is Returning Home. The message that came with it is: Your Inner-Light is calling you home.
This is the energy and reminders that has been surrounding us, and will be in the next month or so stronger day by day. Take in what you allow, and journey on .

Returning Home is not a physical journey, it is an inner-journey that one can take, when they allow silence within. Within this serenity you can connect with your truth, your rhythm, your song, and once you have allowed to embrace your song fully again, you will be ready for the next step, that will lead you to your edge of knowing.

You are invited to enter the unknown, and remain within silence as you embrace the depth of existence.

The journey home will be understood, once you leap, in full connection with your heart, into the unknown, where the depth of all depths awaits your arrival.

My first YouTube movie was a movie about Coming Home. The link to my channel is on my Xsist website. I invite you to listen back to that as you explore your personal depth of existence.

Happy Trails.

Within Love,


Ignite your Inner-Fire


We wish, we want to, we complain, we have an opinion, but do we put actions to our wishes, wants, complaints and opinions? Or are we continue to walk in self-proclaimed misery, circles and conflicts, until it is too much to handle?
When working with some of my clients, I learned that the books and self-help instructions are often read, started but often not completed. One wants to achieve, but needs the guidance to fully connect within, so they can continue to grow and thrive within their light of truth.
Why is there a lack of independence, why is self-doubt leading ones actions, instead of leaving ones actions?
You can’t create, if you don’t have the inner-fire or drive to create, and you will not establish what you say you want to, if you do not walk your talk.
Learn to ignite and balance your inner-fire; put action to your words, allow yourself to be rediscovered by yourself, so you can eliminate the old boundaries, and start growing towards your true potential.
Old ways of being are instilled within. Old ways that are being dispelled in the higher frequencies we are invited in. Slowly but surely, it spreads among those that are ready and willing to recognize that they are able, as long as they believe they are. Lighter and brighter they become, as they start looking through the eyes of the universe within.
When you have acknowledged your drive to search for your truth, when you start to feel the imbalances within that pushes you to alter your ways; put full action to your intentions, as that is the only way to create and reap the fruits of labor.
Remember, you are never alone, guidance is all around you, however, this will not help you in the long run, if you are not willing to recognize and embrace your truth and responsibilities accordingly.

Within Love,

Inner-Dragon journey mp3 available on


Multi-layered Perception


The ​current transformation of humanity, is felt by those whom are ready to embrace their inner calling. The inner calling that is asking for true commitment based upon heart`s truth instead of ego dominance.

As we are in transition, from ego-based-mind, to heart-based-mind, it is key to consciously practice the heart connection.

So many thoughts, intentions and ways surrounds our daily life.

As our ego has controlled our actions for as long as we can remember,  we have been ignorant to what we are truly capable of. Blinded by the dominance of ego, that fuels our brain and blocks true connection with our inner-self, we have been walking through life for eons and eons, thinking we know, striving to exceed, fighting to rule and win.

Ego has been convincing us about the importance of owning, ruling, and claiming. We have been feeling emotions based upon deception, instead of true commitment. When I speak of True Commitment, I speak of actions based upon and encompassed by a wave of love and honesty; guided by the heart. True commitment based upon honesty and love, that carries no control led by ego. The energy and knowledge accompanied by this pure wave goes deeper, than our transforming mind can comprehend.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to becoming the loving observer.

For example; when you feel excitement about an achievement. Take a step back, and connect with your core. Connect with your heart and ask yourself: is this based upon happiness out of love, or happiness out of competitiveness? In other words, is your ego being fed, or do you remain within love?

Connect with your heart, by allowing inner-silence, no matter how loud and busy your surroundings are. Become emotional independent- see my book Xsist.

Besides our direct environment, with our family, friends, classmates, colleagues etc.., we are surrounded with the accumulated energies of our existence, the multilayered depth of our true reality, and the multidimensional vibrations of our truth; That lies beyond what captures our breath.

Our existence is linked within a structural maze, we call many things, yet is unknown to you unless you allow the core of your truth to shine.

Originated within, your sound echos forward, as you move along the ridge, that withheld you from climbing further. Deeper into the abyss, you go; so your next layer can be revealed. Once revealed, it becomes illusive to those that breathe the breath of your old self. The ones you outgrew, still appear to be by your side, yet are prone to conclude the old you, in the midst of their reality.

Within your new light, you will no longer see, what needs to be kept alive within the structure you could touch before. 
You know the accept it so you can rise and become who you were meant to be..right here and now.

As you shed the old, you can illuminate your visions to a depth unknown or touched before.

The time is here, now pull up your truth out of the swamps that no longer carry a grip..that once withheld you the time is here. Become as you release..release as you enter the new wave reality that has flown into your stratosphere and enters millions to the core of their ability. Reach out, by reclaiming your strength, your persuasions, your ability, your truths..your allies await your return.

Free yourself from thoughts that linger in your chosen surroundings. New horizons are seen within the depth of today. Eliminating stress and intrusions. Eliminate illusions that are build within a common ground projectory.

The collectives shifts its pattern alone when their truth ability has flown beyond the reach of thought and intentional behavior. Seek no more..Be within silence of truth as you accompany the ones that belong to your trail.

Within Love,


Italicized text is received from Spirit. Feel the words, as you read them.



Are you feeling the tension in the air? The anticipation of something extraordinary, something major, that will shift us to an inner-change unheard off.

There is no return, only forward movement in this mist of change, that will become clear once the moon has danced off into the horizon.

Anxiety beating at your door? Unwanted visitors, on many levels of existence, trying to pester you and disturb your peace?

Stay calm, radiate your inner light; shine with no regrets, hesitation, nor doubt. Shine because you can.

Feel your inner powers rising as you embrace your true self.

Your inner rhythm is shifting towards unfamiliar grounds. Deeper sensitivity, deeper knowing, deeper sense of being.

Be with the ones You Love, Do the things You Love, Be the one You Love.

Your frequency shifts into a sound that illuminates your environment. As your environment adapts to your song; keep singing it, as you acknowledge it fully.

Sing, Embrace, and Become; You.


Within Love,



Purifying the Bricks of our Being


The power of love is the fabric of our existence that has been keeping us going, helping us grow, mature and evolve into the human beings we are today, and will be tomorrow.

Awakening comes when the mind control is disconnected form the expectancy of what could be, but is not.

For centuries, we have been building on a foundation that has been fed by confined ways of thinking. Bricks laid within this foundation, are of a substance that holds no power, when moving forward on our road to awakening. The substance of these bricks is filled with disbelieve, in ourselves and others, hatred, for ourselves and others, doubt, in ourselves and others, fear, pain and sadness on many levels, for ourselves and others; all held together by the power of love.

Within every brick that holds our foundation together, valuable lessons are interwoven, keeping the bricks together, and connecting the bricks. These bricks are our foundation, from which we gather understanding, strength, and downfalls. The love that flows though it, is resilient and ever expanding; once it’s fed, instead of tempered by our thoughts, actions, believes, and evolving truth.

Clearing of old ways, believes, promises and downfalls is important in these times of accelerated transformation. Breaking through these old cycles of existence can be done, when one allows oneself to alter one’s ways of perceiving.

What does that mean?

One will perceive differently, when one removes disbelieve, connects to the heart and just is.

When we lose the need to justify our actions, when we rid ourselves from preconceived notions, we become closer to our inner-source, as it will create inner-peace, inner-silence, thus inner-knowing.

Once the deeper inner-connection is established, one will automatically start feeling the deeper connection with others, and all that is.

We will not need to receive proof from others, because we are able to feel proof.

We will not need to justify our thoughts and believes to ourselves and others, because we have the full connection, trust and peace within ourselves, that allows us to be free.

Place your intent to shine your light, and purify the bricks of your existence, by becoming one with the love that is you.

 Happy Trails!

Within Love,




Completing the Puzzle of your Soul


I came across a message I received from Spirit, in September of 1999.

As Spirit was guiding me through difficult times, they engulfed me with knowledge and insights, that gave my life a different meaning and purpose. From my heart to yours:

Completing the puzzle of the complete soul, is like wandering through mist.

Life is like mist. Sometimes you cannot see through it, sometimes there is some clear sight.

Walking through it, you don’t really know where you are heading to, and what to expect, but you’ll keep walking. Every step you take, makes the present position clearer, and teaches you new things about the present and past times. The further you walk, the more you forget about the road behind you. Only the things that made a big impression, will not fade out, and will remain a clear conscious piece for the puzzle of your complete soul.

The further you walk, the more you experience, the more you learn, the clearer the puzzle becomes. The clearer the puzzle; the clearer the road ahead becomes. Even by not seeing it with our naked eyes, we are now in the position to trust our experiences, to trust our instincts, to trust our deeper knowledge, to trust ourselves. 

The breakthrough of the sun can be compared with the enlightenment of our souls, but only when we will recognize it and embrace it.

We can sit, and wait, until the sun will break through. Afraid or not willing to know what’s ahead. However, waiting will not teach us. Fear will only prevent us from recognizing the breakthrough of the sun. Preventing us from embracing the light, for also at that point we will be too frightened to see it, too frightened to be aware of it. We will still be waiting, not willing and able to know; that the warmth that shines on our faces, is not there to burn us, but is there to enlighten us.

With your pure heart’s intent embrace each ray of Light that strikes your essence, and let it nurture and teach you, while you enjoy your journey.

Much Love,


Are you truthful enough, to allow yourself to be truthful?


Too often we are afraid to fully commit, whether it is committing in a relationship, partnership, education, work or new adventure in life, the fear derives from not trusting our inner core abilities, as we have doubts that were created long before we can ever comprehend.

 Reaching out to release ourselves from these fear-ignited old burdens, grief, and pains that are being, and have been expressed in our actions, thoughts and feelings, is essential.

I invited people to contemplate on this question, on my Facebook group Xsist, last week. I invited people to step out of their busy schedule for a moment, and give themselves the time to feel deep within, if they were truthful enough to themselves.

 Often, we think we are truthful to ourselves. We know when we tell a lie, or pretend to know, or pretend to be someone we are not to others, yet we still think we are truthful to ourselves when we do so. Are you? Are you truthful to yourself, when you lie to others? Can you justify your lie? Why do you think you can? What does that say about you? Is that truthful to yourself?

 Not being truthful to ourselves, often happens because we don’t fully trust ourselves.

 When we cover up the truth, we find justification for the situation we were confronted with. To not feel the pain that the truth can create or created; we close off, walk away, try to forget, or find excuses for it, as it would require effort from us that we rather not touch.

 What would be more beneficial for the long term, would be asking yourself why the truth hurts, and if you know why, what can you do to find peace with that. If you do not want to go through the self-analysis, or if you do not know the answer – for many reasons we truly may not know – we can reach to the core of our heart and within love, release the old burdens that do not serve us any longer.

It is essential to fully trust in ourselves again, because once we trust, we will allow ourselves to explore, grow and soar above the self-created boundaries, as it will give us the inner freedom we have longed for.

Trusting yourself, means you know that when you fall, you will pick yourself up again. Trusting yourself means you will not give up and keep moving forward, reaching out to your best abilities in the moment.

We need to come to a point when we don’t seek for courage, or strength, or safety within others; as we have accepted our whole self, and have allowed ourselves to fully be present again.

 Let me ask you again; Are you truthful enough, to allow yourself to be truthful?

 Much Love,


Encoded Information Translated


I received the below information two days ago, and am sharing this with you, as it will be recognized by others as well, whom are going through similar shifts right now. Besides that, I would like to share more about how to work without expectation, nor intrusion of the mind’s perspective. A place I have been able to visit, at will, all my life. The place described here as  “the nil”, known as “mind at zero”, or “meditative/hypnotic state of  mind”. The information given in one sentence, I can write various articles about, and will, as they are encoded with so much information; you can only feel.

To introduce this to you, I will give some examples today.

When information streams through me, I write down with limited punctuation. The first version is the raw version and the second version is of me putting sense to it, as I know it. Feel what is right for you.

Raw version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. you will bring yourself to this point quite often now so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent you will see that we can’t accelerate that what has not been  brought to

(implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks and months years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long as cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek true elevation comes when we seek no more just be

Stay in nil away from the obligatory sense of knowing, becoming, existence.  Just be within bliss non expectance lives here rise become rejuvenated and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals new beginnings has no endings anymore as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels  you will become free of inner force soon so that inner knowing can flow free again to no limits of seeing feeling knowing becoming as there are non just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings human race has indulged in past rituals of needing wanting. Which is altered to is.

Second version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been, it has come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. You will bring yourself to this point quite often now, so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent. You will see, that we can’t accelerate that what has not been brought to implementation.

Implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks, months, years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long, as all the cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence. Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

Stay in a nil state of mind, away from the obligatory sense of knowing about becoming and human existence.  Just be within bliss, non-expectance lives here. Rise, become rejuvenated, and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals. New beginnings have no endings anymore, as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels. You will become free of inner force, soon, so that inner knowing can flow free again, with no limits of seeing, feeling, knowing, and becoming, as there are non, just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings, human race has indulged with in past rituals/experiences of needing and wanting. Which is altered to just BEING.

Now, to give you an example of the encoded depth of the information that is shared with me:

When reading:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point.

First of all, I wanted to look up the word “excoriating”, but that’s just because English is not my mother tongue, and this is not a word I use. Truth is, I always can feel what is meant, but my analytical part likes to double check every now and then, or should I say; I allow my analytical part to intrude every now and then. Definition of excoriating = criticizing, berating, attacking. Moving on.

Important in these times, is the shift of the mind’s ability to align with the heart’s truth, instead of the mind’s truth. This means, the ability to reach Universal Knowledge consciously – see blog – is coming within reach for many. This can only be done when one moves away from the criticizing thoughts, the thoughts controlled by ego. When you release from the old excoriating mind, you perform the way most of humanity has utilized their brain power and way of interacting. Your expressions and actions you can see as the release. Has been, come to a nil point; I translate into; these are non-existing now. For me this means that the ability to decipher when one is guided by ego, or heart is known and corrected when needed.

So, with this sentence alone, I could have written about Universal Knowledge, because I have been directed to writings of the past about this same topic, but as I have done this already in the recent past, it is a reminder and introduction for more to come.

Since 1999, I have been writing down my experiences and messages from my guidance, some years more than others. They told me to write these down, as many would go through similar changes in the years to come, and I would need to put it in book form. I put some of the received in my books: “Xsist – for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self”, and more into depth in: “Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth”, they are available on my website and Amazon, and I will continue to work on sharing more in the near future.

Over the years, I have seen many mild shifts happening in people around me, but the shifts that are occurring right now, are so much stronger, and are happening so much quicker…because it is time.

I will give you one more example of the given, translated by me:

Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always.

“Extrusive”, again, I felt to look up; definition: relating to or denoting rock that has been extruded at the earth’s surface as lava or other volcanic deposits.

Reading this, I could not understand what was meant by this, so I emptied the mind, and felt what was meant.

I knew that it had to do with the information I receive from the core of the earth. Known by some, as Argarta.

I never knew there was a name for these beings, as I did not do any research – the ones that know me, know I stopped reading about anything spiritual in 1999, to build my trust in the perceived, as I always thought that, when knowing things, that I must had read it somewhere.  Once that was ruled out, my clear audience was reactivated, as the inner trust was rebuild. Still to this day, I do not read much, as it is not needed. What needs to be known, will be put clearly on my path to receive or to put into action.

In 2000, I was first introduced to my connection with Agartha. I was blown away when I was in Vancouver with a friend of mine, and saw a book with the name Agartha. Still did not read it, but got a confirmation of the existence of the name, that I was not sure of hearing correctly. In 2011, I received a lot of information about the grid and the Garthmarian (can be read as Agarthian) Method. Beings that live in the core and within a high frequency, one would describe as 5D and higher.

I do not want to drift off topic too much, but needed to give an introduction, so you can understand why certain things come to me, and why the language spoken is understood by me in this manner. More about this topic will be shared in the near future.

Gather the extrusive thoughts; is translated by me as gather the information given to me from the core.

Gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown, is the part of me that connects with spirit, but also is the part of others that is eager to know and searching.

I would like to leave you with this, and invite you to release the old ways of knowing when ready, as it will bring you to your personal powers and places never even dreamed possible.

In my past blog post, I shared about how to prepare and become, which will help you on your way, and I have discussed this topic partly in my recent radio show as well. All the links for this information you can find on my website

Until we meet again!

Much Love,