True Fulfillment


What drives us in life, is the search for fulfillment. Life gives us options to choose our directions. Directions that will give us experiences, with people, places and things. Experiences that teaches us, entertains us and gives us fulfillment, as it is in line with our established truth.
Our established truth, is what leads us in our drive to achieve fulfillment. What we think we need is created by our perception of life and its purpose. Our perception is what we have allowed ourselves to believe, so it could establish within as truth, and form a conditioning.
When drawn to people, places and or things, feel why. As it can teach you about your perception, your truth.  Understanding your perception, why it’s within you and why you have allowed it, will give you a clear lead on to whether you need to change course or can continue in the same order. It will teach you, if it still belongs to your truth, or if it is time to open up to new opportunities, that will elevate your vision, or scope of life.
True fulfillment comes when our heart’s calling is honored and followed. Whether or not you heart’s calling urges change, will be noticed, and the new required direction will be seen.
People, places and things; no matter how much you have, it will not mean a thing, if you heart is not in line with previous choices that have led up to this point in life.
Asking kids what they want to become, in line of profession is so common. Some know, others do not. It makes them believe it is important to make a decision, as this choice will define their life. It will rank them, portray them and measure them by society. It far too often brings distraction of truth which our heart is bringing forward to us.
Asking people what they want to achieve in life, in line with their heart’s calling, will invite people’s perception to be challenged as they experience people, places and things. When one is challenging his or her perceptions, or in other words; when one lives outside the box of mental restrictions, one will embrace growth and new understanding.
New growth and understanding achieved by the drive of our heart’s calling, instead of our ego, will go beyond any expectations, and will bring wonders to life, never thought possible dreaming of.
Learn to feel your truth fully again, and you will know and recognize your true path of life, that will give you true fulfillment with each step that you take.

Carpe diem, just because you can.
Much Love,

Goals can Alter


Truth once believed, can seize to exist today.

Relationships once cherished, can be empty and shallow today.

Relationships once battled, can now be embraced.

Where does that bring you? What does this mean? Now that we arrived somewhere, we have never been?

Do you feel confident or do you feel broken inside? Are you ready to soar, or do you just want to hide?

Waves of emotions are hitting your shore. Will you dive in it, or will you close your door?

What seems easier, invites you to falter, what seems hard, invites you to explore. For you to choose, whether you will allow yourself to experience opportunities or close the door.

What is your decision, what will be your choice? Will you listen to your heart or will you listen to your mental noise?

Happy Month of May!

Within Love,



Your journey is your opinion


I came across a journal of August 8, 2011. I wrote it down to remember it later. Later is now, and I invite you to feel the words, and bring understanding to it, from the heart. The italicized part was from Spirit;

In a dream I had, my son was repeating lessons I was teaching him; “Your journey is your opinion” he said, as I woke up. I felt to write it down to remember it later.

Your journey is your opinion.

This sentence is very loaded. Do you feel it?

What comes to me when I repeat these words is the following:

What you choose to believe and be, you manifest in the here and now.

What you allow yourself to be you are.

I have written about this subject other times in different ways. It keeps coming back, as it is the main focus for humanity today.

The manifestation is rapidly established these days; make yours truly yours, by allowing your heart to redirect the emotions that were controlled by your mind until today.

Believe you can make a difference, and you are making a difference; for yourself and automatically for others.

Become one with your truth that has and will carry you on where your soul has directed you to go. In concordance enter the blissful ways that unites the ones with likewise missions. Become the portals you have been looking for and walk through them within the trust and believe in the betterment that you are to establish in your life’s flow.

Your journey is your opinion. Become it, embrace it, endure it, enjoy it, trust it. For the days to come are burying the cato symbus that were brought in the old, persuasiveness, life, which were given wings to in past reliance truth foretold.

Become who you truly are by allowing disintegration with past distortions, as your truth requires ecliptic soul’s remembrance and allowance.

Be heard, be seen, be felt, become…Your journey awaits your true opinions.

Within Love,


Are you truthful enough, to allow yourself to be truthful?


Too often we are afraid to fully commit, whether it is committing in a relationship, partnership, education, work or new adventure in life, the fear derives from not trusting our inner core abilities, as we have doubts that were created long before we can ever comprehend.

 Reaching out to release ourselves from these fear-ignited old burdens, grief, and pains that are being, and have been expressed in our actions, thoughts and feelings, is essential.

I invited people to contemplate on this question, on my Facebook group Xsist, last week. I invited people to step out of their busy schedule for a moment, and give themselves the time to feel deep within, if they were truthful enough to themselves.

 Often, we think we are truthful to ourselves. We know when we tell a lie, or pretend to know, or pretend to be someone we are not to others, yet we still think we are truthful to ourselves when we do so. Are you? Are you truthful to yourself, when you lie to others? Can you justify your lie? Why do you think you can? What does that say about you? Is that truthful to yourself?

 Not being truthful to ourselves, often happens because we don’t fully trust ourselves.

 When we cover up the truth, we find justification for the situation we were confronted with. To not feel the pain that the truth can create or created; we close off, walk away, try to forget, or find excuses for it, as it would require effort from us that we rather not touch.

 What would be more beneficial for the long term, would be asking yourself why the truth hurts, and if you know why, what can you do to find peace with that. If you do not want to go through the self-analysis, or if you do not know the answer – for many reasons we truly may not know – we can reach to the core of our heart and within love, release the old burdens that do not serve us any longer.

It is essential to fully trust in ourselves again, because once we trust, we will allow ourselves to explore, grow and soar above the self-created boundaries, as it will give us the inner freedom we have longed for.

Trusting yourself, means you know that when you fall, you will pick yourself up again. Trusting yourself means you will not give up and keep moving forward, reaching out to your best abilities in the moment.

We need to come to a point when we don’t seek for courage, or strength, or safety within others; as we have accepted our whole self, and have allowed ourselves to fully be present again.

 Let me ask you again; Are you truthful enough, to allow yourself to be truthful?

 Much Love,


Emotional Outbursts


During our monthly “Truth Warriors Unite” Gathering, past Saturday, spirit joined in and shared that the coming weeks will have emotional outbursts for humanity that will increase their awareness. For those that are in tune, and aware, make sure to consciously release the outgrown, when it shows its face.

With this I mean to say; whenever you feel glimpses of old lower emotions popping up, RELEASE it from the heart. Know that you are done with it, know that you can release it, out of your essence, right here, and right now.

I have a Release and Reclaiming of Scattered pieces of self mp3 available on my website, and do individual sessions with clients, in case you would like help with that. It is an important process in these times of transformation, make sure to use it to your benefit.

Emotional outbursts, can be described in many ways, as there are many people with many different backgrounds, history and missions. It can be outbursts of lower emotions, it can be outbursts of higher emotions, all depending on where you are at, and where you are going. Most importantly to understand is, that no matter how your outbursts appear to be, know that you can move forward with it, or after releasing it – if needed – and increase your overall awareness about life and your existence.

As we allow emotions to rise to the surface, we allow it to reintegrate with our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Old emotions, that we could not deal with in the past, now can be accepted, understood and let go off peacefully, as we have grown. With this release, we break through our self-created barriers that has kept us away from our core truth. Higher emotions are here to share with our environment and send to where it is needed, after integrating it in your essence.

We live in times, humanity would translate as magical, as the alteration of perceptions is happening quickly, compared to the past. The less we try to understand what is out of our reach, the more time and energy we have, to use to our benefit in the here and now.

What we may call magical today, will be daily practice in the future to come.

Happy Trails!

Within Love,


When we are ready

DSCN1045.JPGI came across an old journal entry, and was guided to share this in my radio show. After doing that I decided to share it in my blog as well, as it is so fitting for many, in this time of change.

It was written in 2003:

When we are ready…
Ready to take upon us the tasks we have chosen.
We have found ourselves, we know where we came from, we know what has been keeping us from going within, we have acknowledged our fears and forgiven our Selves for everything we can and can’t remember.
We feel our inner power, waves of it, stronger when we don’t expect it, weaker when we are focusing on it. We feel the shifts in the atmosphere and we are preparing our body, mind and soul to be ready for whatever will come our way.
A lot is expected, little is known, for what to come is meant to by sacred, silent and strong.
At times there is little doubt, not allowed within us for long as it’s blown away by our believes and inner trust.
Living aware of ourselves and our environment while maintaining an overall balance in every single thing we touch with our body, mind or soul is required.
Work and play, exercise and rest, listen to your body when to eat/drink and when to stop. Allow yourself the time with your loved ones and enjoy. Re-appreciate yourself and others while looking through the eyes of the universe. The universe shows us love and understanding, inner beauty and compassion, joy and endless stardoms.
Remember not to forget what you have found.
Rejoice, relive, reconnect and re-appreciate.
We are ready….
Within Love,

Truth Untouched


Are you truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful?

Our mind plays tricks on us, but only because we allow it to do so. Often we don’t even realize that this is happening, as for too long we have been embracing deception, as it served our paradigm. It served the paradigm that did not encourage braveness, love for oneself, and truth beyond perception.

Self doubt and feelings of distraught were found more accepting than truth untouched before. This has kept humanity strong yet ignorant as the ways available were not sought after. Now that it opened up for mankind to disburse among the wounded warriors of light, it has become knowingly preached and foretold by those ready to operate from the Lions mouth. The Lions breath ignites, now it no longer holds back the true calling within it’s spectra or persuasive sustenance.

Being boastful about oneself or being humble at will, both are controlled by ego. The ego can suppress truth, our powers and over-stimulate our sense of power. When you are truly experiencing and observing yourself in an aware state of mind, in connection with your heart, you will allow yourself to become aware of the imbalances within.

When you feel the need for acknowledgment of your actions and achievements, know that a part of you is insecure about the results, your choices, or your capabilities. If you are affected by harshness, seclusion, lower emotions directed to you, know that introspection will help lead you to the core of yourself that has a roadblock waiting for you to resolve.

Do you love yourself fully, or do you love parts of yourself?
Do you care for others more, than you care for yourself?
How humble are you?
Do you try to be humble, or are you naturally humble?
Do you trust yourself?
Are you truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful?

Regardless of your personal answers to these questions; ask yourself – from your heart – why do I believe that/feel that/experience that, and keep asking “Why?” as often as needed; upon feeling your answers, as this self-analysis will lead you to your core truth, which will dissolve the associated roadblock (s) once understood.

By becoming aware of your current inner truth, your perception and roadblocks; new roads will become clear and new ways will be put on our path by our guidance. For you to decide when, where, and what. For you to allow within, when ready.

Be truly gentle, kind and loving to yourself, and so you will be to others.

Happy trails ❤

Within Love,


– More about self-analysis and self-awareness you can find in my book Self-Awareness- Rediscovering your Truth. –

Withdrawal as Transformation Hits our Path

doveI have seen several people going through some serious withdrawals as transformation hits their essence. I have experienced it many times before. This resulted in me getting my groceries late in the evening, so I would not have to deal with too many people. Others made me feel off, uncomfortable and irritated me. I felt different and out of place.

What is clear to me now, is that I needed to adapt to my new rhythm, and that took all the energy my mind wanted to process. As I allowed the irritation to exist, I allowed it to build stronger. It became so bad that when around others, I became dizzy, left my body, and was on a virtual run. When going through change now, I have learned to embrace it differently. Seeing withdrawal happening around me, I felt compelled to share the following.

As we grow and elevate our frequency, do not alienate, just accumulate the newly found glory and allow time for your mind to adapt.

Know that you will feel out of place, and other frequencies will be noticed more clearly.  The higher you vibrate, the closer you are to All that is, but know that the path to higher grounds asks you to remain pure, without inner battles, and with no judgement, so your inner balance can reach the required level to newly exist in the here and now.

As we grow, and we feel the need to withdraw, allow silence and time to drive away lower emotions that are fighting to regain stronger grounds. From love we came, within love we learn, and grow in the best way possible. Let love be your focus in these times of change, so you can remain on your path to the next level of existence guided by your heart, instead of disturbed by ego.

Remember, it is never about what others do or say, it all about what you do with it.

When ready, it doesn’t matter what or who is around you, no matter how low or how high their frequency is; you will remain within your own energy, within your emotional independence, as you soar gently within the winds of change.

As you allow it, so it shall be.

Much Love on your journey.



Reconstruction towards 5D


Follow up on yesterday’s blog:

Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocence. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

When we put energy into the moment, and do what we can do best, we fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves.

When we do not seek approval, as we have given ourselves approval within Love, to be fully present in the here and now, we will be surrounded by the ones that resonate with our song, our rhythm, our essence, our being. A complementary stream of love and fortitude will exist around us; motivating and stimulating us, to do our best, and be our full self. A new sense of silence will be introduced to our beings. The silence of emotional independence, that carries no stress, worries, sadness or pain. It carries peace, love, and respect, for yourself and others.

There will no longer be doubts about others or yourself, as the truth will be seen, and acted upon. Innocence of you inner-child will not die in vain, but will be kept alive, nourished and respected.

As we restructure our inner-self, we automatically help our environment, planet, and All that is.

When we stop searching for answers, we will find our answers within.

When we stop putting energy in needing and wanting, we will recognize and revaluate that what and whom, we already have in our life.

Within this peaceful energy, we will elevate to higher grounds. Higher grounds that will show us clearly, what will be next.

The process of reconstruction is worked on, when we have made the heart choice to rise up energetically. In other words, it automatically is put into working when we have made the decision within to embrace our truth within Love.  Now that you have chosen to be aware of your truth; the right situations, opportunities, actions, impulses and knowledge will come on your path, that you will recognize, pick up, and put into action appropriately.

You will know, when ready, as you will feel the shift within. Situations that normally would have caused you stress or sadness, now will be felt for a shorter period of time, if at all, and this will be less and less as time moves on. This experience changes, as it will be acknowledged and appropriately dealt with, now that you can access your truth and the deeper meaning of life, where clarity is your ally.

People’s anger, stress or sadness, that normally would have drawn you in; now will be objectively observed and dealt with appropriately as well, because you know when it involves you and when it does or does not, you will be able to let go of the old emotional burden and move on in the way suitable and required to find a solution.

Simply make the hearts choice, and stay truthful to yourself on this path called life, and reconstruction can be completed.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,


Encoded Information Translated


I received the below information two days ago, and am sharing this with you, as it will be recognized by others as well, whom are going through similar shifts right now. Besides that, I would like to share more about how to work without expectation, nor intrusion of the mind’s perspective. A place I have been able to visit, at will, all my life. The place described here as  “the nil”, known as “mind at zero”, or “meditative/hypnotic state of  mind”. The information given in one sentence, I can write various articles about, and will, as they are encoded with so much information; you can only feel.

To introduce this to you, I will give some examples today.

When information streams through me, I write down with limited punctuation. The first version is the raw version and the second version is of me putting sense to it, as I know it. Feel what is right for you.

Raw version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. you will bring yourself to this point quite often now so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent you will see that we can’t accelerate that what has not been  brought to

(implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks and months years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long as cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek true elevation comes when we seek no more just be

Stay in nil away from the obligatory sense of knowing, becoming, existence.  Just be within bliss non expectance lives here rise become rejuvenated and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals new beginnings has no endings anymore as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels  you will become free of inner force soon so that inner knowing can flow free again to no limits of seeing feeling knowing becoming as there are non just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings human race has indulged in past rituals of needing wanting. Which is altered to is.

Second version:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been, it has come to a nil point. Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always. You will bring yourself to this point quite often now, so we will remain on your conscious side more prominent. You will see, that we can’t accelerate that what has not been brought to implementation.

Implementation can take seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks, months, years depending on what and where and who. Release took as long, as all the cells needs to be engulfed fully with the essence. Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

Stay in a nil state of mind, away from the obligatory sense of knowing about becoming and human existence.  Just be within bliss, non-expectance lives here. Rise, become rejuvenated, and you will achieve new value of seeing through the minds portals. New beginnings have no endings anymore, as rejuvenation keeps fueling it to higher levels. You will become free of inner force, soon, so that inner knowing can flow free again, with no limits of seeing, feeling, knowing, and becoming, as there are non, just mere illusions of what was truth to the mind of alternate beings, human race has indulged with in past rituals/experiences of needing and wanting. Which is altered to just BEING.

Now, to give you an example of the encoded depth of the information that is shared with me:

When reading:

The ability to release from the old excoriating mind waves has been come to a nil point.

First of all, I wanted to look up the word “excoriating”, but that’s just because English is not my mother tongue, and this is not a word I use. Truth is, I always can feel what is meant, but my analytical part likes to double check every now and then, or should I say; I allow my analytical part to intrude every now and then. Definition of excoriating = criticizing, berating, attacking. Moving on.

Important in these times, is the shift of the mind’s ability to align with the heart’s truth, instead of the mind’s truth. This means, the ability to reach Universal Knowledge consciously – see blog – is coming within reach for many. This can only be done when one moves away from the criticizing thoughts, the thoughts controlled by ego. When you release from the old excoriating mind, you perform the way most of humanity has utilized their brain power and way of interacting. Your expressions and actions you can see as the release. Has been, come to a nil point; I translate into; these are non-existing now. For me this means that the ability to decipher when one is guided by ego, or heart is known and corrected when needed.

So, with this sentence alone, I could have written about Universal Knowledge, because I have been directed to writings of the past about this same topic, but as I have done this already in the recent past, it is a reminder and introduction for more to come.

Since 1999, I have been writing down my experiences and messages from my guidance, some years more than others. They told me to write these down, as many would go through similar changes in the years to come, and I would need to put it in book form. I put some of the received in my books: “Xsist – for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self”, and more into depth in: “Self-Awareness – Rediscovering your Truth”, they are available on my website and Amazon, and I will continue to work on sharing more in the near future.

Over the years, I have seen many mild shifts happening in people around me, but the shifts that are occurring right now, are so much stronger, and are happening so much quicker…because it is time.

I will give you one more example of the given, translated by me:

Gather the extrusive thoughts, gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown and you will see that we are here always.

“Extrusive”, again, I felt to look up; definition: relating to or denoting rock that has been extruded at the earth’s surface as lava or other volcanic deposits.

Reading this, I could not understand what was meant by this, so I emptied the mind, and felt what was meant.

I knew that it had to do with the information I receive from the core of the earth. Known by some, as Argarta.

I never knew there was a name for these beings, as I did not do any research – the ones that know me, know I stopped reading about anything spiritual in 1999, to build my trust in the perceived, as I always thought that, when knowing things, that I must had read it somewhere.  Once that was ruled out, my clear audience was reactivated, as the inner trust was rebuild. Still to this day, I do not read much, as it is not needed. What needs to be known, will be put clearly on my path to receive or to put into action.

In 2000, I was first introduced to my connection with Agartha. I was blown away when I was in Vancouver with a friend of mine, and saw a book with the name Agartha. Still did not read it, but got a confirmation of the existence of the name, that I was not sure of hearing correctly. In 2011, I received a lot of information about the grid and the Garthmarian (can be read as Agarthian) Method. Beings that live in the core and within a high frequency, one would describe as 5D and higher.

I do not want to drift off topic too much, but needed to give an introduction, so you can understand why certain things come to me, and why the language spoken is understood by me in this manner. More about this topic will be shared in the near future.

Gather the extrusive thoughts; is translated by me as gather the information given to me from the core.

Gather the minds behavior that reaches out to the unknown, is the part of me that connects with spirit, but also is the part of others that is eager to know and searching.

I would like to leave you with this, and invite you to release the old ways of knowing when ready, as it will bring you to your personal powers and places never even dreamed possible.

In my past blog post, I shared about how to prepare and become, which will help you on your way, and I have discussed this topic partly in my recent radio show as well. All the links for this information you can find on my website

Until we meet again!

Much Love,