When we are ready

DSCN1045.JPGI came across an old journal entry, and was guided to share this in my radio show. After doing that I decided to share it in my blog as well, as it is so fitting for many, in this time of change.

It was written in 2003:

When we are ready…
Ready to take upon us the tasks we have chosen.
We have found ourselves, we know where we came from, we know what has been keeping us from going within, we have acknowledged our fears and forgiven our Selves for everything we can and can’t remember.
We feel our inner power, waves of it, stronger when we don’t expect it, weaker when we are focusing on it. We feel the shifts in the atmosphere and we are preparing our body, mind and soul to be ready for whatever will come our way.
A lot is expected, little is known, for what to come is meant to by sacred, silent and strong.
At times there is little doubt, not allowed within us for long as it’s blown away by our believes and inner trust.
Living aware of ourselves and our environment while maintaining an overall balance in every single thing we touch with our body, mind or soul is required.
Work and play, exercise and rest, listen to your body when to eat/drink and when to stop. Allow yourself the time with your loved ones and enjoy. Re-appreciate yourself and others while looking through the eyes of the universe. The universe shows us love and understanding, inner beauty and compassion, joy and endless stardoms.
Remember not to forget what you have found.
Rejoice, relive, reconnect and re-appreciate.
We are ready….
Within Love,

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