Truth Untouched


Are you truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful?

Our mind plays tricks on us, but only because we allow it to do so. Often we don’t even realize that this is happening, as for too long we have been embracing deception, as it served our paradigm. It served the paradigm that did not encourage braveness, love for oneself, and truth beyond perception.

Self doubt and feelings of distraught were found more accepting than truth untouched before. This has kept humanity strong yet ignorant as the ways available were not sought after. Now that it opened up for mankind to disburse among the wounded warriors of light, it has become knowingly preached and foretold by those ready to operate from the Lions mouth. The Lions breath ignites, now it no longer holds back the true calling within it’s spectra or persuasive sustenance.

Being boastful about oneself or being humble at will, both are controlled by ego. The ego can suppress truth, our powers and over-stimulate our sense of power. When you are truly experiencing and observing yourself in an aware state of mind, in connection with your heart, you will allow yourself to become aware of the imbalances within.

When you feel the need for acknowledgment of your actions and achievements, know that a part of you is insecure about the results, your choices, or your capabilities. If you are affected by harshness, seclusion, lower emotions directed to you, know that introspection will help lead you to the core of yourself that has a roadblock waiting for you to resolve.

Do you love yourself fully, or do you love parts of yourself?
Do you care for others more, than you care for yourself?
How humble are you?
Do you try to be humble, or are you naturally humble?
Do you trust yourself?
Are you truthful enough to allow yourself to be truthful?

Regardless of your personal answers to these questions; ask yourself – from your heart – why do I believe that/feel that/experience that, and keep asking “Why?” as often as needed; upon feeling your answers, as this self-analysis will lead you to your core truth, which will dissolve the associated roadblock (s) once understood.

By becoming aware of your current inner truth, your perception and roadblocks; new roads will become clear and new ways will be put on our path by our guidance. For you to decide when, where, and what. For you to allow within, when ready.

Be truly gentle, kind and loving to yourself, and so you will be to others.

Happy trails ❤

Within Love,


– More about self-analysis and self-awareness you can find in my book Self-Awareness- Rediscovering your Truth. –

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