It is OK

What if you are tired of all the words that are being shared?

What if you are tired of all the questions that are being asked?

What if you are tired of people’s interactions, expectations and motivations?

Are you irritated by not wanting to mingle and interact, or are you relieved that you don’t have to as you have allowed yourself the freedom to be wherever your heart desires to be?

Are you frustrated by other people, or do you let them be in their own energy, choices and life?

Are you depressed, have you secluded yourself from people, and have you lost the spark of life or have you moved on to different planes of understanding?

If you have moved on to different planes of understanding, and you are still questioning yourself at times? This is because there are parts of the past’s truth still holding on to today’s perception. Or in other words, conditioning still pulls you back to doubt and misconceptions, of what is, and what is supposed to be.

Even though you think you have allowed yourself freedom to be, choose, and life, there are still parts that have not let go of the truths of the past.

How can you discover them, so you can release them out of your essence?

How important is it for you to release them out of your essence, may be a better question.

Place your heart’s intention and recognize the gifts that are laid on your path to recreate and elevate above old truths and perceptions.

Often it is easier to hold on to your truth, when you are secluded from others with different believes and understanding. To seclude yourself, is often the choice at first, but when you are brave enough to be wherever anyone is and still remain within the truth that is you, you truly have made the step into the new.

It is OK, if you stand alone with certain beliefs and understanding, as your ego doesn’t need recognition and approval any longer. No explanation or justification needed. You truly are and let others be whoever they have chosen to be.

It is OK.


Happy Trails!



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