Personal Place of Power

What is your personal place of power?

To me, it is a place that welcomed you, the very first time you entered it. Every time you go there you feel full of love, warmth, safe and at home.

This special place gives you  inspiration, motivation and stimulation to be your personal best in any way or form.

You will feel shifts that rejuvenates, electrifies, clarifies, heals and awakens parts of you that you have never dreamed of before.

It could be your bath tub, a place, a country or a specific state of mind and being.

How can you find your personal place of power?

Follow your heart, and go where you feel you need to go. Practice to be silent enough within, to be able to feel the mentioned shifts within. Reunite with yourself and learn to feel what is truly right for you.

Allow it, and enjoy it..just because you can.

Within Love,



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