Spirituality had entered my life at full speed in 1998, and has been a part of me ever since.

In connection with the mostly unseen, I have received and passed on valuable guidance, counseling and healing over the years.

How I have changed, how the world has changed and is changing. How amazing new depths and trials have entered and left my life, as have adventures and new beginnings.

I stepped away from internet radio, one on one sessions and workshop, about 5 years ago.

I stepped away, as I felt it was time to explore and focus more on different things. What I shared, was now being shared by others as well, so the need for me to speak and share, was not felt. It was never about, being in the spot light, never about wanting to be heard. It was about sharing, as it was time.

Recently my father passed on. It still feels unreal. He was sick for a while and was tired. I wish him a gentle, loving pass over, when he is ready to move on to where his next adventure awaits.

Losing loved ones, makes us stand still amidst the turmoil, which we allow to take over far too often. It makes one realize how vulnerable, temporarily and non-complicated life is.

It also made me stand still and realize that many still do need to hear what was said and is being said, as they keep going into the same pattern that keeps them from reaching the growth that is available for them to embrace.

It is the nature of many to complicate things, dramatize situations, and grasp for the ungraspable, just out of despair and inner conflicts. Are we so uncertain about our own abilities, unable to balance out our emotions and actions? Yes, it is important to find our personal passion, our drive to succeed and prosper, yet too often, one forgets to find their personal balance and truth, and walks the paths that were walked before by others with different agenda’s, missions and goals. Be bold enough to stop, and smell your roses, instead of inhaling the roses of others that seem beautiful and attractive. Be at comfort in your own body, love and trust yourself enough to allow yourself the space and silence, to gather peace and understanding of the situation you are in.

Time has quickened, use it wisely. Don’t compare, don’t despair, feel your abilities and use them within love. The length of life is not of importance, it is the quality. Make each day your best, just because you can.







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